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From: Oliver Thuns (2:280/464.47)
To: All
Date: Thu, 21.11.19 19:23
Squish on Linux (compile errors)
OT>> Is anyone using Squish on Linux? The sources from github [1]
OT>> don't build with any recent gcc (I even trid gcc4.9). Compile
OT>> errors an a ton of warnings.

AI> Not since around 2004, maybe.

OT>> [1]

AI> I never knew it was on github but that's where everything seems to be
AI> today.

I don't like the Github monoculture, but everything is better than Sourceforge.
I'm using Gitlab for my own projects.

AI> I used the 3.03 sources from and the sources at
AI> github look much the same.

I think they are the same.

AI> Back then I think gcc was at version 2.95 or somewhere there abouts.

IIRC there were some commits for compatibility with gcc 3 (dot something).
Unfortunetely I don't know enough of C / C++ to fix the errors and warnings
properly. I don't think it would be hard for a C coder, but it seems nobody is
interested in Squish and Maximus on Linux anymore. Or should I ask in the TUB

AI> I didn't use squish a lot but it seemed to work the way it always did
AI> in DOS and OS/2. I vaguely recall some visual glitches but
AI> functionality seemed to be good, at that time.

I used Squish and Maximus in the 90s and it still can compete with recent Fido
software. I managed to compile parts of it on the Raspberry a while ago, but
was not sure if my changes were correct or would cause other problems at

There was problem with rescanned echoareas I received from my uplink. Because
todays computers and drives are so much faster, all .pkt files had the same
timestamp. Squish tries to toss .pkt files chronologically, but fails
misserably in that case and tosses the .pkt files in random order.

Do I have to learn C or write my own tosser in REXX? ;)

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