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From: Lee Lofaso (2:203/2)
To: All
Date: Thu, 15.10.20 03:15
Trump the assasin
Hello Aaron,

LL>> So how about it? Are you with Joe? Are you ready to condemn
LL>> all acts of violence, from both the left and the right?

AT> Condemning stuff is a joke.

Trump's failure to condemn violence has been duly noted.
Although ignored by all of his diminishing number of supporters.
Which is one of the main reasons why his poll numbers continue
to drop like a rock.

AT> The only time I condemn anything is when I'm getting in bed with an iffy
AT> woman.

The only way Biden will lose the election is if he gets caught
with a dead woman or a live boy. Since we know that is not going
to happen ...

AT> When a politician "condemns" something, they go to bed early that day
AT> because they worked so hard condeming stuff.

One does not have to be a politician to condemn violence.
When one does condemn violence, it must be to condemn violenc
on all sides. Else there is no condemnation of violence.

Joe Biden has publicly condemned all acts of violence, from all
sides. The same as me, and most other people. I dare you (and your
beloved orange toad) to do the same.

AT> Did Obama condemn Assad's gas attacks on civilians?

Yes. Quite unlike Trump, who praised his pal Putin instead.

AT> That must have been exhausting for the disgraced former president.

Trump has disgraced himself by praising Putin - who had put a price
on US soldiers serving in Afghanistan. Not one word in condemnation,
public or private.

AT> Trump condemned the violence too, by sending Putin & Assad a moab.

Trump is in love with his pal Putin, who now basically owns Syria.
Do realize your orange toad removed US troops from Syria. Probably
on Putin's orders.


Work sets you free.

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