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From: Kurt Weiske (1:218/700)
To: All
Date: Sun, 06.11.22 08:10
Re: 2017/2018 PC to modernize it.
-=> esc wrote to poindexter FORTRAN <=-

es> I never actually saw OS/2 for myself back in those days. I went
es> straight from DOS/Win3.11 to Win95. I was only ever running a single
es> node when things were dialup so I suppose I didn't miss much. *shrug*

The only reason I ran it was we had it at work, and it was a "better DOS
than DOS" as they advertised. I was a Novell admin and needed to have lots
of DOS windows open to run the admin tools - as well as being able to load
OS/2-level system drivers and have more memory inside of DOS.

What was wild was running DOS networking in a DOS VDM, using a virtual DOS
6.22 disk image with DOS network drivers. I'd run LANtastic in that window
and use it to connect with the BBS machine.

... All those updates, and still imperfect!
--- MultiMail/DOS v0.52
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