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From: Doug Cooper (1:227/702)
To: All
Date: Wed, 06.05.20 13:33
Introducing myself
Hi all,

New to FidoNet and this group. Curious if anyone has good New Mexico
recipes? I'm growing hatch chili seeds I had shipped from a farm in New
Mexico, and would love a few good recipes ... if not, I have a few I can
share if anyone within the group has a flare for spicy mexican cuisine.

Looking forward to being a part of the group.

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From: Doug Cooper (1:227/702)
To: All
Date: Fri, 08.05.20 23:40
Re: Introducing myself
DD> You is stumbled into a good place for spicy. I'm a (now retired to
DD> judging) chilli cook-off competitor and a member of Dr. Bosland's Chile
DD> Pepper Institute at New Mexico State.

Yes! I've visited NM 100's of times when I used to live in Colorado and miss
the food so much. Mexican food in Indiana is a burrito with the equivilant
of pizza sauce poured on top. It's not bad, just not nearly an El Patio, El
Pinto, or Sadies that I remember and love.

I have a chili recipie I'll share as well once I am awake enough to type it
out ... It's a gluten free, low fat, version but excellent. I'll print and
save yours also and try it next!

I tend to use more green chilis and zero Jalapenos ... but I order my chilis
from either Colorado or New Mexico (roasted and frozen) so theres enough heat.

And yeah, I know it's a bummer, much like New York Bagels and Pizza being
about "The water," that the Hatch Chilis are a result of soil conditions and
climate. Pueblo Colorado has excellent Chilis also as a result of similar
conditions. But .. I also heard, if grown in the same soil year over yera,
they get hotter. Not sure if this is true, but I'm going to baby them and
hope for a bit of heat and not just an Anehiem Chili. I do wish we could
post photos. My green house is full of about 50 plants right now, just
waiting for consistent ground temps above 70 degrees.

Thanks for the recipe!

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