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From: Michael Pierce (1:340/201)
To: All
Date: Sun, 27.09.20 22:36
Possible bug
Hello g00r00!

gr> Ahh okay I missed the part where it was a netmail, that is helpful.

gr> This happens when you have no network address set for the Netmail base
gr> in A46+, but I've just changed it to properly add the address for all
gr> netmail bases (regardless of if an address is set or not) in the A47
gr> prealpha which is available now.

gr> Thanks for letting me know.
sorry a little late to party but this bug but, this bug is also in the rpi
build. any time frame for when A47 will be available for rpi??

also this seems to be affecting pass-through mail as well. ie mail from points
is looping from point to hub... it seems to be using 1:1/0 for a node address
again. or at least thats how sbbs is reporting it.

so the fix would be to seperate out each netmail area ?


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