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From: Denis Mosko (2:5064/54.1315)
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Date: Mon, 21.09.20 19:48
The Educational System of the USA
In America all Children from six to sixteen go to school. The system of school
differs from the system in some countries. Traditionally it consists of an
eight-year elementary school, followed by a four-year high school (8-4 plan
organization). But there are some other variations in the states. It can be a
six-year elementary school, followed by a three-year junior high school and
then a three-year senior high school. Another variation is a six-year
elementary school, followed by a six-year secondary school.

Elementary education begins at the age of six with the first grade and
continues to the eight grade. Attendance is compulsory in most states until the
age of sixteen or until the student has finished the 8th grade.

The programm of studies in the elementary school is different in different
schools. It includes English, arithmetic, geography, the history of the USA.
Physical training, singing, drawing and handwork, work are often taught.
Sometimes a foreign language and the general history are begun.

The elementary schools are usually small. The high schools are generally
larger and combine students from four or five elementary schools.

The elementary school is followed by four or six years of the secondary school
or higher school as it is called. Admission to the American high school is
automatic after finishing the elementary school.

In American high schools there are two kinds of school subjects: subjects
which are compulsory for all students, that is all students must learn them.
These subjects are English, physical education, social science. But there are
also elective subjects. These are the subjects which some students learn and
others do not learn, if they do not like them, or think that they do not need
them. Among elective subjects are mathematics, physics, chemistry, foreign
languages, history and many others.

At the end of every school year, the child takes a test. If he does well, he
goes into the next class ("grade"). If he doesn't do well, he has to repeat the
grade. American children finished school without any examinations.

At the end of their school, most students get a high school diploma and can
enter college or the University.

In state-supported public schools, the education is free, private elementary
schools and private secondary schools are fee-paying. Each individual state has
its own system of public school. Some schools have modern teaching equipment,
like computers and closed circuit television.

Many Americans go on to institutions of higher education when they leave
school. If they want to go on to college or university, they often take college
admission tests.

A student may study many interesting subjects at college, in short or long
courses, but if he wants to get a degree, he has to study for at least four
years. Thus it usually takes four years to get a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor
of Science degree. A master of Arts or Master of Science degree may be obtained
in one or two additional years. The highest academic degree is one or two
additional years. The highest academic degree is the Doctor of Philosophy. It
may take any number of years to finish the original research work necessary to
obtain this degree.


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From: Denis Mosko (2:5064/54.1315)
To: All
Date: Tue, 22.09.20 13:59
Re: The Educational System of the USA

ᥭ 20 ? 02:20:

DH> Hi, Denis -- on Sep 21 2020 at 20:26, you wrote:

DM>> to obtain this degree.

DM>> Why?

DH> Why what? That was a very long message but I don't know what you're
DH> asking.
No quote - no answer, Dallas Sad

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