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From: August Abolins (2:221/1.58)
To: All
Date: Mon, 21.09.20 00:42
my mask, version 1
Hello Charles!

** On Sunday 20.09.20 - 20:55, Charles Pierson wrote to August Abolins:

AA>> HA! I don't wear reading glasses. And I don't think I
AA>> could pull off wearing a bow tie.

CP> How can you work in a book shop then?

HA! Over the years, whenever I would feel that I can't focus
properly (distance or closeup) I do some eye exercises that
the campus doctor recommended for me when I was in university.
I'm the only relative among 14 cousins, and now 8 younger 2nd
cousins, that doesn't need reading glasses. My aunts, uncles,
and members of my own family started to need glasses in their
30s. This can't be a magic gene. I am convinced that the
exercises have maintained my good eyesight.

AA>> I *do* slip on a pair of 0+ blu-blocker glasses when I
AA>> feel that my extensive staring at the screen would
AA>> affect me for the worse. I find that those glasses
AA>> make a huge difference in reducing dry-eyes and
AA>> restoring normal sleep pattern.

CP> I need something like that. Screen glare and night glare
CP> both kill me.

I've never tried the clear blu-blockers for night driving.
Normally, there is a bit of glare from oncoming headlights.
The glasses are polarized, so the glare may reduce that.

But a micro-pitted windshield on an older vehicle can also
contribute to glare.

I'm looking to get another pair so that I don't have to lug
the single pair between my shop and home. They are an
inexpensive solution (my pair were about $35 after shipping)
for dry eyes from extended LCD screen viewing (even for
evening TV) and you get your sleep back.

--- OpenXP 5.0.46
* Origin: (2:221/1.58)


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