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Daily APOD Report
Astronomy Picture of the Day

Discover the cosmos! Each day a different image or photograph of our
fascinating universe is featured, along with a brief explanation
written by a professional astronomer.

2020 September 18

Arp 78: Peculiar Galaxy in Aries
Image Credit & Copyright: Bernard Miller

Explanation: (xxxedit and linkxxx) Peculiar spiral galaxy Arp 78 is
found within the boundaries of the head strong constellation Aries,
some 100 million light-years beyond the stars and nebulae of our Milky
Way galaxy. Also known as NGC 772, the island universe is over 100,000
light-years across and sports a single prominent outer spiral arm in
this detailed cosmic portrait. Its brightest companion galaxy, compact
NGC 770, is toward the upper right of the larger spiral. NGC 770's
fuzzy, elliptical appearance contrasts nicely with a spiky foreground
Milky Way star in matching yellowish hues. Tracking along sweeping dust
lanes and lined with young blue star clusters, Arp 78's large spiral
arm is likely due to gravitational tidal interactions. Faint streams of
material seem to connect Arp 78 with its nearby companion galaxies.

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