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From: mark lewis (1:3634/12)
To: All
Date: Sun, 13.09.20 14:24
Re: Problems...
By: Janis Kracht to mark lewis on Sun Sep 13 2020 11:41:26

ml>> 1. the pascalnet hatches don't have a REPLACES verb...

JK> Hmm.. I'll have to take a look ...

i still have one here for ppoint.z55... i've been editing them to add the
necessary line because i absolutely loath turning on "force replace"...

ml>> 2. someone was hatching some legion door over and over
ml>> with "REPLACES replaces" instead of the proper file
ml>> name...

JK> geez.. I'll try to watch for that one as well.

those are the three in the LEGION FDN... the files were

-rw-rw-r-- 1 sbbs sbbs 538001 Aug 25 23:30
-rw-rw-r-- 1 sbbs sbbs 500341 Aug 26 00:20
-rw-rw-r-- 1 sbbs sbbs 467160 Aug 25 23:30

i'm not sure if those dates are what the files actually started with, though...
i know there were times when i'd have a couple of them with .1, .2, .3, etc
added when they were duped before being processed... i'd fix the
first TICs "REPLACES replace" lines and then have to wait for all my links to
pull them before renaming the .1s to their proper name and fixing those TICs
for them... then wait again and repeat until they were all
processed... this only because i didn't want to stick my links with the same
situation... everyone linked here that got the files from here got them with
proper REPLACES lines in the TICs...

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* Origin: SouthEast Star Mail HUB - SESTAR (1:3634/12)


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