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From: Aviation HQ (2:292/854)
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Date: Sun, 13.09.20 10:33
737 MAX
The European flight safety authority EASA has completed a series of test
flights with the Boeing 737 MAX. The flights took place as part of the
necessary recertification of the aircraft. EASA is now analyzing the data and
other information collected during the flights.

Starting next week, these will be discussed at an international meeting of
regulators and airline pilots at London's Gatwick airport. EASA considers the
completion of the test flights an important step.

EASA is working closely with the FAA and Boeing to get the Boeing 737 MAX back
into service as soon as possible, but approval will not come until the
organization is confident that the aircraft is safe.

Due to international travel restrictions, the EASA test flights with the 737
MAX did not take place in the United States, but from Vancouver, Canada. That
city is a relatively short distance from Seattle, the home of Boeing.

At the beginning of July, the American FAA already completed the test flights
for the recertification of the aircraft. Based on those flights, the aviation
supervisor still requires a large number of adjustments for the Boeing 737 MAX.

The aircraft type has been on the ground worldwide for a year and a half after
two fatal crashes due to problems with the Maneuvering Characteristics
Augmentation System (MCAS).

--- DB4 - August 7 2020
* Origin: AVIATION ECHO HQ (2:292/854)


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