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From: Sean Dennis (1:18/200)
To: All
Date: Thu, 27.08.20 12:57
WW Digi Contest
Hello Al,

Wednesday August 26 2020 08:52, you wrote to All:

AK> Hope to catch you all the WW Digi Contest this weekend.

I'll try but I'm busy already. I'll see if I can steal some time to sneak off
and listen. What modes does the contest allow?

AK> 12 Meters was wide open to Europe earlier this week. This means that
AK> the MUF is starting to move higher in frequency and cycle 25 is
AK> starting to heat up. We have already had some sunspots from the new
AK> cycle.

I rarely go above 17 meters but I did make a single contact a few years ago in
South America on 12 meters. Glad to see Cycle 25 is heating up. It's about
time we got some good DX condx!

Sean KS4TD

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