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From: Robert Wolfe (1:116/17)
To: All
Date: Fri, 14.08.20 18:17
Message to all
-> -> -> RW> -> wcBASIC and the wcBASIC PLUS pack can if desired be used to
-> -> -> RW> -> completely customize the behavior of the ANSI Mail Interface.
-> -> -> RW>
-> -> -> RW> This might be the best way to go, IMO. I might have to come up w
-> -> -> RW> wcCODE to help out this this process Smile
-> -> -> RW>
-> -> ->
-> -> -> Keep me posted...

-> -> I saved the original message Hector sent. I have not had a chance to sta

-> on
-> -> anything yet as real life has been keeping me quite busy of late Smile But,

-> will
-> -> probably try and get something started this weekend if at all possible.

-> It would be good to see this. I finally fixed my issue with the message
-> tag going into the from field... piss me off... the hours and hours that
-> went into that.

-> I understand how powerful the WINServer package is... but the terminal
-> side is stuck in the 90's ... most if not all BBS packages have the
-> SysOp message to all.... Signature files as well... Anyway, it is just
-> a hobby

-> You have a program that I would like to get a copy of... and that's the
-> program that asks you a math question as you login.. Did you write that
-> or is it something you found??

-> Thanx

-> Joe

-> --- Platinum Xpress/Win/WINServer v7.0
-> * Origin: Joe's BBS (1:342/201)

Yeah, planning on adding optional signature file usage on my bbs in the
message areas soon.

... I visited cyberspace and all I got was this lousy tagline
--- Wildcat! v10.0.454.10 (May 26 2020), Editor Mod v2.1
* Origin: Lean Angle BBS * Southaven MS * (1:116/17)


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