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From: Daryl Stout (1:19/33)
To: All
Date: Wed, 05.08.20 22:01
UALR Ham Club Exams
Due to the following factors, there is a HIGH likelihood
that the UALR Ham Radio Club License Exam Sessions, that
were set for Sept. 19 and Nov. 21, 2020, at the Amy
Sanders Library in Sherwood, will be CANCELED...and exams
for 2021 may NOT be able to be scheduled, due to lack of
a test site, and payment of required fees.

! COVID-19 restrictions. Until further notice, the Central
Arkansas Library System is NOT allowing meetings, exam
sessions, etc. to be held. It doesn't matter at this point,
if the dates are kept on the calendar, or removed. Even at
the UALR Campus, MASKS ARE REQUIRED, like it or not. The
campus considers us as "visitors", so that makes testing on
the UALR Campus less likely.

! My continuing recovery from hernia surgery 2 months ago,
and being told to "not lift anything heavy" (the 3 test
cases, with the handouts and printed exam books, are well
over 10 pounds each).

! The conduct of some examinees...either refusing to comply
with the COVID-19 regulations (not wanting to wear a mask,
etc.Wink, or trying to bribe the VE Team to certify the exams
fraudulently -- which means all examinees there to re-test
in front of another VE Team, or the FCC...and all of the
VE's involved would be stripped of their accreditation and
ham radio licenses for life. Part 97.511 of the FCC Rules
(which one has to agree to follow, in order to obtain a
ham radio license), notes "Examinees must comply with the
instructions given by the administering VE's". If you
don't have the intent on following these, you need not
even worry or consider becoming a ham radio licensee.

! Most of the VE's are in "the vulnerable age group" for
getting COVID-19.

So for all intents and purposes, until further notice,
the UALR Ham Radio Club will NOT be doing ham radio license
exam sessions. I had even seriously considered disbanding
the VE Team, and sending back all the supplies, except for
my VE badge, in case another area team needed me. Neither
myself, my fellow VE's, or fellow examinees, need to put
up with insubordination.

In short, all those who were hoping to give the exams as
VE's, and to take the exams as examinees...should prepare
for the possibility (if not likelihood), that the Sept. 19,
and Nov. 21, 2020 sessions are going to end up being
canceled. If nothing changes by Labor Day, I likely will
cancel one, if not both, sessions.

As of now, I'm NOT optimistic of scheduling testing for
2021. Those wanting to take amateur radio license exams
should seriously consider contacting another VE Team.

Daryl Stout, WX4QZ, UALR Ham Radio Club VE Team Liaison

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