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From: Deon George (3:633/509)
To: All
Date: Wed, 29.07.20 13:52
Re: filefix
By: Kai Richter to Deon George on Wed Jul 29 2020 10:41 am


DG>> (Messages to areafix@FTN do get sent to the robots area.Wink
KR> Because of?

KR> What is the trigger for the destination netmail area?
KR> Who does the choice which one to use?

robotsarea robots

(where "robots" is a netmail area).

KR> I haven't but i see two ways to go. First is the normal routing where the
KR> tosser decides which mail have to go into which netmail area.

Its strange that that "robotsarea" configuration doesnt appear to respond to
messages designated to the robot filefix.

KR> If that doesn't work for you then the carbon copy feature may do the job
KR> as requried.

I guess I could that as an option - but am I right that the "robotsarea"
configuration option should catch filefix as well?


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