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From: Ed Vance (1:2320/105)
To: n/a
Date: Wed, 08.07.20 22:29
Batch File Help
Howdy! Wilfred, August and Mark,

Thanks for the suggestions, my .BAT file runs a FTP Script to Log On
the Capitol City Online BBS and GETS a .QWK Packet from Mikes BBS.

I have another .BAT File that Logs On and PUTS my .REP File On the BBS.

The AT&T DSL internet connection speed varys each time I use those .BAT
Files, and I was wonder if there waa a simple way to add something to the
.BAT File to Save the .QWK Packet and also Write a File with what I see
on the screen as the .BAT File runs.

I was just wondering if I could make this XP pc "Do It My Way".

I checked if there were a TEE.EXE Command on XP but guess that is a
Terminal Command for use in Ubuntu, Mint or some other Linux distro.

I've tried Ubuntu off and on since v7.04 running it off a Live CD and
also have tried using it in a Innotek Virtual Box but haven't got
comfortable enough to want to dive in and make a Linux Flavor the O/S
I use daily.

Thanks for the help, You proved that I'm not too far gone to be helped.

73 de Ed W9ODR . .

... Here On Earth Computers Alway Win Because They Have Inside Information
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