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From: mark lewis (1:3634/12)
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Date: Wed, 30.10.19 08:01
RA_32BIT Echo Rules
Re: RA_32BIT Echo Rules
By: Dale Barnes to Moderator on Tue Oct 29 2019 21:56:44

DB> Does anyone know if there will be any new version of RA in the works?

AFAIK, no... i haven't heard anything from bruce morse in years... last time
was years ago when i last frequented facebook to play some games... i forget
which games it was but we played a few together... then he just kinda dropped
off and i did, too...

as for porting RA to 32bit, it would be some work... the first step would be
porting it to freepascal and replacing the commercial libraries that were
used... but i still wonder if it would not be better rewritten as client/server
with a central server app that spins up client threads for each connection...
someone proposed that years ago but they were shutdown and not allowed to use
the RA name for their idea/project... that was when i started this echo which
has remained almost totally unused...

i don't recall who it was that had the client/server idea but i think that
elebbs came along not much later... elebbs is also written in pascal and was,
last i recall, compilable with freepascal... i'm not sure if it is
client/server, though... it may have just been another project to try to carry
on with RA's style and form... i have some sources here but there's been some
changes here and there with no central repository for the code... i had thought
to set up one with the earliest code i found and then add in the others but
time and life got in the way and i don't know if i still have all the code any

DB> Just asking...

that's fine...

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