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From: Timothy Norris (1:317/3)
To: n/a
Date: Sun, 15.09.19 10:38
Still Alive?
I was a HUGE fan of AB1 & 2 back when they came out. I had a registered copy
of 1 and was working with the original programmer to help create ansi art
when 2 came out. I was in the military then and was unable to keep up.
Step forward decades later, and I found most of my old stuff. I had started
creating huge color maps (Microsoft Excel format) and various other items.

I still play both versions today.

Does anyone else still play?

Tim Norris

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From: Timothy Norris (1:317/3)
To: n/a
Date: Sat, 16.11.19 09:38
Re: Still Alive?
Ha> Do you have any good promo screens for AB??

Sorry, I don't have this message forum on my BBS, and haven't had time to
login on Castle Rock BBS to reply.

I know I have them saved somewhere. I found my old tape drive system a few
months ago .. I was wondering if the tape was still good, or if it has
degraded. I'll have to see if I have drivers or maybe throw together my old
386 / Windows 98 and see if I can read them Smile

Tim N

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