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P2P Share files by email on Thu 04/25/2013

Do you think that Peer-to-Peer, FTP
IRC technologies etc...are too much complicated !?
There is a simpler technology to use, Autosend.
This software allows file-sharing by only using
your e-mail account. Autosend allows sharing files
on your computer through regular email.
It is an automatic file mailer

It completly Anonymous,secure,no spy,and nobody
can known what you do !!!!

People just make requests by sending a mail to the
server email address. The subject of the mail
is the name of the requested file or command
Autosend checks for new mails periodically in
its mailbox and replies automatically
with the requested file as attachment. Autosend
can also receive files sent by others (uploads),
answer to some commands or pick up
files for you on internet. Simple as this!

three command can be use : ?list or ?put or ?find
?list will send you a list of all files
?put will receive a files attach from you ( UPLOAD Wink
?find xxxx to find patern files

Send a EMAIL TO : >>>>
in the subject : >>>> ?list

OR search

Send a EMAIL TO : >>>>
in the subject : >>>> ?find XXXX

For XXXX replace by a keyword or search you want !

in the message body write nothing , leave Empty
And Send it , later in the day you will receive
a list of files available

click the file you want you email program will open ,
send the message change nothing in the message
just send it , later in the day you will receive the files

if you have a prob with you mail program just send a email
to :
subject : The files you want << must be Exactly like the file in the list
send it now ...

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