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From: Mark Dodel (1:396/4)
To: All
Date: Fri, 05.06.20 03:18
Re: Imposter (Re: [FUD4] Os2VOICE.ORG VOTED the best OS/2 Website for 2
From: "Mark Dodel" <>

On Mon, 5 Jun 2006 16:33:20 UTC, Alex Taylor
<> wrote:

-> NOTE: it's against my policy to follow up to a troll-initiated thread,
-> but I thought I should clear up some apparent misunderstanding about the
-> original poster. He is an imposter. See below...

No doubt about it. Its the newly crhristened MacCrackGuy. The mental
deficient had been quiet for weeks. Guess they finally let him out of
the locked ward. Just ignore him and his trusty ward DTJ. Always
check the headers. These clowns are idiots. Interesting that Mr.
Truthiness hasn't piped in to declare that they are forging his ID.
Perhaps they are all in cohoots at this point. Maybe that is the real
plot here.

BTW none of this crap belongs in here. Not that it belongs anywhere
since its all invented in the minds of pin heads.


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