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From: eCSOS2RuleZ (1:396/4)
To: All
Date: Thu, 04.06.20 00:46
ANN: Shutting Down - Blame it on VOICE/DODEL
From: "eCSOS2RuleZ" <>

ANN: Shutting Down - Blame it on VOICE/DODEL

Hello again my fellow OS/2 users,

It is a sad day that I announce the closure of eCS-OS/2 web site. Mark
Dodel and his posse of VOICE butt-kissers have worked to destroy the
eCS-OS/2 web site by denying our members access to the VOICE newslist.
Every eCS-OS/2 member who has financially subscribed to VOICE has been
denied their subscriptions and all are still waiting for their monies
to be returned.

Mark Dodel has now publicly declared we eCS-OS/2 users will be banned
and denied access to the VOICE offersings. This is par for the course
of Mark Dodel and it is the same action he has taken in the past
against anyone or any web site who reports the truth about VOICE and
those who run it. They have taken it upon themselves to claim
ownership of the OS/2 community and to keep control of the stupid OS/2
user they threaten and deny them access to OS/2 information.

So be it! I have invested thousands and thousands of dollars, time and
effort into making eCS-OS/2 org the best OS/2 - eCS website on the
Internet and that is a major threat to VOICE and Mark Dodel. I
realized that but that's the truth.

But we can't win because too many OS/2 users are too stupid to
understand what it is Mark Dodel is doing to destroy the OS/2
community. Well now he has destroyed another eCS-OS/2 web site leaving
the OS/2 community with fewer and fewer free-thinking OS/2 places to
visit. VOICE and Mark Dodel are Microsoft lovers who have worked long
and hard to ruin the OS/2 community.

I welcome ALL OS/2 users to run from the VOICE-controlled OS/2
community today and switch to another operating system. I suggest
Linux because it is just like OS/2 but if you are rich and have a
lucrative career then you might want to try the Apple Macintosh and the
OSX operating system. There is nothing better.

I am removing nothing from the website that reports on our
demise and the actions VOICE and Mark Dodel have taken to destroy us.
I want the world to know and it will wake up the stupid OS/2 user who
has been brain washed by VOICE, VOICE officials and the petty
destructive Mark Dodel.

Stay tuned for more reports from BTW, I'm keeping all of
the equipment and will be opening a new website called VOICED!

All are welcome!

eCSos2 Organization Inc.
"Supporting the future of the new VOICES! website and laughing in the
face of VOICE!"

--- NewsGate v1.0 gamma 2
* Origin: News Gate @ Net396 -Huntsville, AL - USA (1:396/4)


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