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From: Ron Lauzon (1:275/89)
To: n/a
Date: Wed, 10.06.20 13:15
Kente Cloth Available in
-=> Aaron Thomas wrote to All Congressional Democrats wearing traditional Ghanaian clothing to a
AT> George Floyd memorial?

Wait a sec! Isn't that cultural appropriation? Where's the Woke Leftie

... But honey, I wouldn't be up so late on a faster machine!
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From: Aaron Thomas (1:267/150)
To: n/a
Date: Wed, 10.06.20 21:17
Re: Kente Cloth Available in
RL> Wait a sec! Isn't that cultural appropriation? Where's the Woke Leftie
RL> Outrage?

I used to think I was exaggerating when I'd talk about Democrats exploiting
black Americans, but I was making an understatement; they're exploiting black
people in Ghana too.

What's next? Joe Biden's going to tell us how he plans to exploit blacks in
space. Or am I understating again? Did he already explain such a plan? lol

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