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From: Oli (2:280/464.47)
To: All
Date: Fri, 29.05.20 11:08
Maximus for Linux?
Charles wrote (2020-05-28):

CS> Hello all,

CS> I've seen the Maximus source floating around. I'm not a programmer. I was
CS> wondering if anyone compiled it under Linux, or if that source could be
CS> compiled under linux?

I'm not a C(++) programmer and I don't know nothing about the different
versions and how to port to newer compilers. I somehow managed to get Squish
build with trial and error and it seems to work fine. I also see that the max
binary was build too, but I'm pretty sure I just changed stuff until it
compiled and didn't care at all about correctness. I don't remember if I tried
to install and run it, I was mainly interested in Squish.

This was done on a 32-bit Raspberry. I think I tried it on a 64-bit machine and
it didn't compile at all (but maybe it was caused by something else).

My gut feeling is that an experienced C coder could fix the warnings and errors
easily. Or maybe it just needs the right compiler flag? E.g. Maximus defines
it's own nullptr which is later introduced by C++11 (in 2011).

Squish and Max is still nice software and it's a bummer that there is no easy
way to run it on Linux.

There is an open issue on github:

I can send you the diff if you want to try to compile it, but as I wrote, I
don't think my changes are proper fixes and it would be better if someone who
knows C++ would fix it.

* Origin: (2:280/464.47)


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