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From: Daryl Stout (1:19/33)
To: All
Date: Thu, 23.05.19 09:09

ML>i know that feeling... i don't even know what a budget is any more...

Except for a nasty 6 letter word. Razz

ML>ha! i don't seem to have that particular problem like other folks do... not
ML>even with green things like brussel sprouts...

There was a commercial several years ago...I think it was for Tractor
Supply Company. This family is gathered around the dinner table, and
first, thanking The Lord for the food He had provided, and for His
Blessing and Protection, etc. The family dog is under the table, as if
praying as well. As soon as the father says "Amen", and the folks begin
to graze, the dog bounds out from under the table, and heads upstairs.

He pulls open a chest of drawers, and starts digging around, looking
for an item. He does this several times, until he finds out what he
wants...a gas mask!! It turns out the family is consuming beans,
legumes, and other items that cause severe flatulence. Razz

Having found his prize and putting it on, the dog rushes back to the
kitchen, and the family has been completely oblivious to the dog's
actions. Fido lays down, contentedly, under the table, with the gas mask

The announcer comes on and says "We have what you need"...and then, it
shows the logo for Tractor Supply Company.

ML>my dad bought me a 42 inch Carhart belt for christmas one year... i was tryi
ML>to loose weight then... he said it was "future planning" which i understand
ML>we both got a laugh off of it... i've gotta see if i can find the leather pu
ML>and add two more holes to it... right now, i don't even have to unbutton or
ML>unzip my pants to put them on or get them off... somewhere i should have som
ML>of my older smaller waist jeans but the question is if they are in any shape
ML>be wearing...

I like the one, where after a meal, Daddy has to loosen his belt. One
of his kids, tells his friend (who had joined them for dinner), "Daddy
just moved his decimal point over a few places".



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