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From: mark lewis (1:3634/12.73)
To: All
Date: Wed, 22.05.19 12:13
On 2019 May 20 18:55:00, you wrote to me:

ML>> i finally made myself step on the scale the other day... i was 195
ML>> the last time i got on any and i'm not sure if i got over 200 but i'm
ML>> back down to 150/155 since August when my dad passed away...

DS> If I end up going on a diet of bread, butter, and water (which appears
DS> likely), I'll be down there as well. I've sacrificed expenses to where
DS> I can sacrifice no more...and the other bills are devouring the
DS> grocery budget.

i know that feeling... i don't even know what a budget is any more...

ML>> i know that feeling... i've been eating mostly beans... dried pinto
ML>> beans th i speed soak in the pressure cooker and might possibly have
ML>> some pork neck bones, ham hocks, or turkey necks to put with... still
ML>> have maybe 3 or 4 pou of them in the 10 pound bag they came in...

DS> I'll stay up wind from you from the pinto beans.

ha! i don't seem to have that particular problem like other folks do... not
even with green things like brussel sprouts...

ML>> i don't even know what calories i'm getting... whatever it is,
ML>> obviously it isn't what i was getting which is making my body use up
ML>> its stores...

DS> I've had to put holes in the belt to keep my pants up.

my dad bought me a 42 inch Carhart belt for christmas one year... i was trying
to loose weight then... he said it was "future planning" which i understand and
we both got a laugh off of it... i've gotta see if i can find the leather punch
and add two more holes to it... right now, i don't even have to unbutton or
unzip my pants to put them on or get them off... somewhere i should have some
of my older smaller waist jeans but the question is if they are in any shape to
be wearing...


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