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From: mark lewis (1:3634/12.73)
To: All
Date: Sun, 24.03.19 13:57
St. Basil 02
On 2019 Mar 24 08:34:00, you wrote to me:

ml>> my system added new message areas which knocked a few QWK areas to a
ml>> different area number... dave just didn't catch the change bulletin
ml>> which was probably my fault because it is displayed during logon all
ml>> the time right now instead of only when new areas have been added...

TL> Hmm, you need to setup static conferences numbers on your QWK hub?

i'm not a QWK hub... it was a user uploading QWK mail before checking that the
conference numbers were still accurate for the areas they were posting in... i
don't even know what numbers they have without going into scfg and wading
through all the areas looking specifically for them...

static would be good, though... i'm concerned with how they would be listed on
the user's end when i insert new areas into the config in alphabetical order...
then there's the same problem but in reverse when areas are removed...

these two problems (above) are one of the main reasons why i much prefer FTN
echotags over QWK area numbers... the numbers can change but with echotags it
doesn't matter what order they are in, the tag is always used so
adding/removing areas doesn't lead to messages being posted into the wrong

we probably should move this over to one of the sbbs areas, though...


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