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From: Ross Cassell (1:123/456)
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Date: Fri, 24.12.10 17:20
The inhumane conditions of Bradley Manning's detention
Hello Bob!

24 Dec 10 07:17, you wrote to me:

RC>> You people bitched like babies because you thought the Bush was
RC>> ruling from the far right, yet you abhor the fact that people
RC>> felt the same way about Obama ruling from the far left.

BA> Actually Bush minor was a sock puppet on Dick Cheney's hand. And I
BA> object to BOTH major parties in this country.

Irrelevant, to your distrust, we werent talking about your distrust, I was
talking about the hypocrisy at hand, being demonstrated by the left wing today
in this country.

Now before I go on the same hypocrisy would exist if the President was on the
right wing, but it would be Janis making this point to me, instead of me making
it too her..

JK>>> The media doesn't help that impression... but guess who pretty
JK>>> much owns the media ..

RC>> George Soros?

BA> Rupert Murdock - but you knew that.

Fox and a New York Newspaper (and WSJ) do not the media make.

I am talking old well entrenched long time media like the NY and LA Times,
Washington Post, CNN, MSNBC and the pre-existing alphabet soup broadcast

The left wing never complained about the news media in this country until a new
player came up that didnt go in lockstep with the "established media", and I
can remember that the media never was friendly to the right.

BA> Not quite true - and, of course, it depends on where you put the
BA> center. Both the right wing and left wing claim to be in or near the
BA> political center, neither is correct.

Actually the right makes it no secret, the left thinks that the center is all
over the place like a clay pidgeon at a shooting range.

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