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From: Paul Quinn (3:640/384)
To: All
Date: Sat, 25.11.06 11:51
Hi! David,

On 24 Nov 06 09:39, you wrote to me:

DW> -> Every time I look at my statement above ("too much...sunlight"Wink

[ ...trimmed... ]

DW> The old "white Australia" policy probably has a lot to do with that.

Smile Actually, the problem stems from late-1700's English colonial expansionism.

This is 'blackfeller' country and they're welcome to it. However, as a
side-effect of not being able to choose one's family at birth, I'm stuck with
it. Conversely, it's the best darned country in the world... socially
speaking. A dilema, yes; I still choose to live here.

The "white Australia" policy, as you've used it was/is bulls**t. A lot of
people tend to forget, or, don't link it with Australia's "putting its mouth
where its money was" by way of United Nations obligations. Preference was
given to white immigrants to assist with the relocation of refugees from WW2,
where their countries either didn't have the capacity (or willingness) to
re-absorb them, or, were locked up behind the Iron Curtain and none wanted to
return there.

This preference was mainly only in use for a short span of perhaps 5-7 years in
the early-50s. Other immigrants of the non-white variety were still accepted.

DW> Maybe Queensland should move the clocks in the opposite direction, to
DW> make sure people are exposed to as much night as possible. It would
DW> simplify airline scheduling, too, if you moved your clocks in the same
DW> direction and times as countries in the northern hemisphere.

Something along those lines would suit me. I'm a creature of the night by
nature. In summer (on weekends) we do tend towards a Mexican-style of life,
with little activity between 1100-1430 and dinner time usually about 1830 (just
on dark). Of course, that's just my own personal experience and may not accord
with the majority of the population. Smile

Now, if I could find a way to rig-up spotlights on the lawn mower...


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