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From: Moderator (1:3634/12)
To: All
Date: Sun, 01.04.18 03:00
RA_UTIL Echo Rules
|Conference rules for the RA_UTIL echo: rev. 12 Apr 17
Posting Frequency: 1st of the month.

Please take a minute to read these rules.


1. Do not be easily annoyed.

Count to "ten" or use netmail instead.

2. Do not be excessively annoying.

This often means the use of netmail also. These are some items
which are considered as being "annoying":

Use of profanity
Quoting someone elses profanity
Non-compliance with general echo policies:

- Do NOT use handles or Aliases.
- No "high-end" characters in echomail. This includes ANSI color
- No "Test" messages in international areas.
- No BBS ads.
- ** Absolutely No Posting of "flame" or derogatory messages. Keep
these to NetMail or one of the "other nets", they WILL NOT be
tolerated in this Echo!

3. Keep to the topic of the conference

This is perhaps the most significant of all. Messages in the echo
are to relate to the "utilities" written for RemoteAccess and a
little on RemoteAccess itself. The term "Utilities" means (in this
case) programs written to work specifically for RemoteAccess, or
which work with RemoteAccess (amongst others), who's purpose is to
enhance the BBS program, in some fashion, for SysOps and or Users.
If the utility cannot be used on a RemoteAccess system, then it does
not belong in the echo. The moderators, alone, reserve the right to
decide, which topics are appropriate or not.

4. Permit the Moderator(s) to moderate

Though we appreciate your concern and willingness to assist, please
leave the "moderating" to the moderators. We have our own "unique"
way of dealing with things and they aren't always noticable, but
they are being done.

5. Automated File Availability Announcements

Do not assume that because you see automated file announcement
messages that you can set your system up to start announcing also.
Only the heads of the file distribution networks or their designated
liasion may post automated file announcement messages. If you
believe that you should be able to post these automated messages,
send netmail to one of the moderators requesting permission.

|Andrew Leary, 1:320/219,
Mark Lewis, 1:3634/12

Conference Moderators

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