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From: Ross Cassell (1:123/456)
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Date: Fri, 24.12.10 11:10
The inhumane conditions of Bradley Manning's detention
Hello Michiel!

24 Dec 10 10:31, you wrote to me:

RC>> Obama also promised too much...

MV> He promised a lot, but he did not promise to do it all in two years.

No, but what he was delivering and the way it was being delivered..

RC>> His first act as President was to issue an executive order to
RC>> close Gitmo, move the Prisoners to stateside infrastructure, a
RC>> prison in his home state of Illinois was suggested, to which
RC>> members of thats states political machine, his own party, balked.


That, and I doubt you would have wanted that lot in your backyard either..

So Obama was being naive.

MV>>> I say it will take much more than four years to undo the mess
MV>>> that Bush has made. Eight years won't do either.

RC>> Remember that Obama's own party held congress for the last two
RC>> years of the Bush, but its too late to be blaming Bush,

MV> It was Bush who started two wars he could not win and who brought the
MV> country to bankruptcy, thereby plunging the world in a financial
MV> crisis. Bush jr. and only Bush jr. is to blame for that.

The mortgage crisis triggered this economic meltdown and he didnt cause it, its
causes can be traced back to the Clinton administration, who could be partially
to blame for allowing it. Bush'es people tried to warn Congress about the
impending trouble in the mortgage market, twice, once in 2003 and another time
in 2005, some powerful DEMS (Frank and Dodd) poo-poo'ed the warnings.. To only
later admit to them when the economy melted down.

A housing program started in the 90's was crafted to make owning ones home a
reality for people of questionable income status, even if people did not have
the means to make or sustain the payments on the mortgages guaranteed by the
Federally run enterprises known as Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

When the mortgage industry fails, it chain reacts to the lenders who are out
all that money, it chain reacts to the housing industry, construction industry,
a gluttony of unsold or foreclosed property drives values down..

But you can blame Bush for his spending.

The only thing is that Obama has spent more, you cant spend yourself out of a
bad economy.

But Bush isnt the President now, is he?

RC>> Obama's mother was white, or did you forget that?

MV> I didn't, I always wondered why someone who is half white is labelled
MV> black. It is however not my perception that counts. It is the
MV> perception of the US people that counts in this regard, and THEY cal
MV> him black.

It comes from the old days, when neither side wanted a mixed race child, but
the blacks accepted them more than the white would.

RC>> His race has nothing to do with his shortcomings.

MV> It may have something to do with his _perceived_ shortcomings though.
MV> You guys are still suffering from the traumas of the era of slavery.

Actually thats a incorrect stereotype you have, or a prejudice that you are

Obama problems might be said to be his naivete and that he doesnt have the
normal political experience.. He had ZERO executive experience prior, less than
2 years in the US Senate, the Illinois state Senate before that, a community
organizer and a college professor before that..

(A community organizer, equal welfare pimp)

George W Bush = Governor Of Texas (Executive Experience)
Bill Clinton = Governor Of Arkansas (Executive Experience)
George H. W. Bush = Former Vice President (Executive Experience)
Ronald Reagan = Governor of California (Executive Experience)
Jimmy Carter = Governor Of Georgia (Executive Experience)

This is not to say that if Obama had been a Gov of a State, he would have been
any better, for the five people I mentioned, none of them walked on water, but
being an executive of a entire state (read Governor) is good experience, for
they have to craft and follow a budget, deal with a bicameral legislature, they
are the Commander in Chief of the states National Guard etc.. It is as close to
real life practice for the Presidency, anyone can get, short of being a Vice
President first..

Obama has none of this, for all the shit Sarah Palin took as McCains running
mate, even she had executive experience as Governor of Alaska, whereas Obama
helped people become leeches off of the taxpayers as a community organizer.

But funny you make your remark anyways, since it was your ancestors who brought
slavery to the new world, and apartheid to South Africa.

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