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The FIdonet COMM Echo
Rules and Guidelines
Modified September 15, 2014

This conference is moderated by Dallas Hinton of Fidonet 1:153/715.

Posting rules and guidelines

This echomail conference is one of the oldest in Fidonet. It is
basically a "catch all" for topics not covered in other echomail
conferences. since there are few echoes specifically for discussion of
serial communications devices such as modems this is the appropriate
place to discuss such topics.

WHen an echomail conference is widely available (carried on various
backbone systems) please post there for best response. OTherwise, feel
free to post here.

All posts in this echo must be germane to computer communications
techniques. Discussion of hardware and software is permitted, although
emphasis is on the hardware. All other topics should be taken elsewhere.
When the topic drifts, take it to private mail, or an appropriate

Other than that, these are the only actual rules I expect to promulgate
for this echomail conference.

First and foremost, it is expected that all systems enabling posts in
this echomail conference are properly configured to show the true
Fidonet address of origination. If not, the moderator will ask that the
problem be repaired before allowing posts from your system to the comm
echo. Along with this, providing a gateway to/from this echomail
conference from Fidonet to other networks is strictly prohibited. IF you
wish to provide such a gateway ask permission in the echo. If
permission is then granted after a poll of interested users is taken and
the results of said poll in favor then the gateway must work in both
directions, and the valid address of the gate provider shown.

Multiple line signatures are strongly discouraged. Use of real names
strongly encouraged. Keep it clean, keep it polite.

All communication regarding moderation of this echomail conference will
take place via Fidonet netmail. Not internet email, not smoke signals
or telepathy. IF you post in this echo, or permit users of your system
to do so then it is assumed that you have the capability to read and
answer netmail. It is unreasonable to expect moderators to have to
hunt down an email address which may not be available, whereas your
system's address should be displayed on posts originating from your
system. The only moderation issues which will be handled in the open
echo are those in which the moderator seeks guidance and input from its

If you're new to the world of serial communications and the terminology
used to discuss it you might wish to avail yourself of the Comm echo
primer written by Gord Hannah, the previous moderator. It can be
acquired from any Fidonet system carrying the ep-fdn ep-ascii file echo,
or from the headquarters of the International Filegate project. TO
acquire it point your web browser to

Questions, comments and suggestions should be sent by netmail to this address.

Dallas Hinton 1:153/715

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* Origin: The BandMaster -- Vancouver, Canada (1:153/7715)


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