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From: Daryl Stout (1:19/33)
To: All
Date: Fri, 22.06.18 11:26
From Steve Winn, current developer of VADV32, from their Facebook

The reason the glitch in the MSGID data for the VFIDO FIDONet message
tosser for outbound messages for VADV32 can't be fixed, is that the
source code for that program has been lost. The only way to fix it would
involve a complete rewrite, a major undertaking.

It does not matter for IMPORTING FIDONet messages...but if you try to
use VFIDO for EXPORTING FIDONet messages, downstream systems will think
the messages are very old, or dupes, and automatically delete them.

I don't know if the problem exists for VQWK on exporting packets, but
you likely have to run the VQWK2REP utility, to convert the outgoing
packet to where downstream systems will unpack them.

As noted earlier, what I've done is make my BBS a hybrid system, using
VADV-PHP for the website, with the ATI Red Theme (in memory of the late
Tim Cornett, who designed it), then Synchronet for the telnet/FTelnet
part of the BBS, including message processing. Synchronet also has a
DOSXTRN utility that allows seamless setup of legacy 16-bit doors that
were created WITHOUT a fossil driver, which is needed for the door to
run under telnet. Then, I am running some doors are utilities that were
originally exclusive to GT Power BBS Software, which I ran under dial-up
for 13 years. So, I'm paying homage to all 3 BBS packages that I've ever
worked with.

As a side note, we're in a stormy weather pattern in Arkansas right if you can't connect to the BBS (available at either or, please try again later.



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* Origin: FIDONet: The Thunderbolt BBS - (1:19/33)


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