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Date: Mon, 30.07.18 23:09
Re: [NEWS] Star Wars: Episode IX Cast Announced
From: Your Name

On 2018-07-29 23:03:29 +0000, Wolffan said:
> On 29 Jul 2018, Your Name wrote
> (in article ):
>> On 2018-07-29 15:04:13 +0000, Wolffan said:
>>> On 27 Jul 2018, Your Name wrote
>>> (in article ):
>>> [snip it all]
>>> The Phantom Menace was the first Star Wars movie that I didn' t see at
>>> least
>>> twice in theatres. It was not the last.
>>> The Last Jedi was the first Star Wars movie that I didn t see at
>>> least once
>>> in theatres. It was not the last.
>> I saw all the Prequel Trilogy in the cinema, but gave up after seeing
>> the first 3D-erised re-release ... which I walked out of early as well.
>> I can't remember if I watched the animated Clone Wars movie in the
>> cinema or not. I haven't bothered watching any of JarJar Abrams'
>> garbage in the cinema.
>>> Solo was the first Star Wars movie that I didn t buy a DVD/BluRay
>>> (or, for
>>> the older ones, a VHS tape) of, if only because DVDs aren' t out yet.
>>> probably won 't be buying DVDs of Solo. It probably will not be the last.
>> Rogue One was much better than the rehashed garbage JarJar Abrams'
>> keeps dishing out, so Solo is likely to also be better than the
>> Episodes as well ... i's impossible for it to be worse!
> Rogue One was the best Star Wars movie since Empire Strikes back, making it
> the second best ever, kicking New Hope down to third and Return of the. Jedi
> to fourth.

There were rumours of a second Rogue One movie, but I can't see how
they could make one (they killed everyone at the end!Wink ... unless it's
a prequel about Jyn Erso, but then it's not really "Rogue One".

They could basically re-make it using a different set of characters
going "rogue", but that would be just as stupid as JarJar Abrams' lazy

>> One of the problems with Solo is that the trailers make it look like
>> Lando has been turned into an effeminate idiot, and this newly-created
>> sexuality idiotically used as promotional material to appease the
>> "Equality" / "Politically Correct" nutters.
>> Another problem might be having a different actor play Han. Characters
>> obviously take on aspects of the actor playing the role, so bringing in
>> someone else to play the role rarely works very well.
>>> It is possible that the depth of my interest in the cast list of the next
>>> Star Wars movie may be discernible.
>> With Lando's return and rumours of yet another Death Star, it looks
>> more and more like "Episode 9" will just be yet another rehash rip-off
>> of George Lucas' movies, which would simply further prove that JarJar
>> Abrams is a talentless, lazy moron who has no clue how to make Star
>> Wars movies (nor anything else for that matter since he also ruined
>> Star Trek and everything else he sticks his nose into!Wink. Sad
> Will the Emperor... ah, the Leader... rise from the dead? Will Han Solo
> return?

Harrison Ford isn't listed in teh cast, so it's unlikely, thankfully,
that Han Solo returns ... although there is another ridiculously stupid
(and un-Star Wars like) rumour floating around that Episode 9 involves
time travel to go back and rescue Han. Mind you, I wouldn't be at all
surprised by whatever idiocy JarJar Abrams shovels into this mess he's
made of the Franchise. :-\

> Will there be Ewoks? For the answers to these and other burning
> questions, tune in, same Jedi-time, same Jedi-channel.
> I'll pass.

We've already had the Ewoks ... they were called Porgs. ;-)

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