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From: Ruth Haffly (1:396/45.28)
To: All
Date: Mon, 24.12.18 10:46
New Frig
Hi Nancy,

NB> DS>> Is the plumbing installed for the new frig's ice maker? Will
NB> the DS>> delivery guys be hooking that up, or will Stephen?

RH> The connection was there already; the old fridge had an ice maker. The
RH> delivery guys did the hook up. They're taking the old fridge to the
RH> church house; the older one there will go on Free Cycle.

NB> That worked out well all around.... nice that the delivery guys would
NB> take the old one to the church for you.... did you have to pay extra
NB> for that....?

I don't think so. Again, small town living, even tho WF has gotten
larger it still retains a lot of the small town atmosphere. The church
building is about a mile from our house so they didn't have to go that
far. What they did was to deliver the new fridge, went out to do other
deliveries and then came back to pick up the old fridge to take to the
church house. Helped that we didn't have to do a super rush transfer of
stuff. (G)

Catch you later,
rchaffly{at}earthlink{dot}net FIDO 1:396/45.28

... OH NO! Not ANOTHER learning experience!

--- PPoint 3.01
* Origin: Sew! That's My Point (1:396/45.28)


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