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From: Aaron Thomas (1:275/99)
To: All
Date: Sat, 12.06.21 14:00
NY Sucks
In case NY wasn't already bad enough, the liberal state legislature has
liberated parole. No longer shall a parolee have to sweat over drug testing,
robbing poeople, or non-premeditated murder; they can do whatever they want
while on parole per NY's "Less is more" act.

That article will say one thing, but it will mean another. It says they won't
go back to jail for "non-violent parole violations," but many NYers aren't
suckers and we know that the word "violent" has a different definition from
the Merriam-Webster version.

From here on out, parole means finished with the D.O.C. unless you plan to kill
someone, kill them, and then get caught with the plans in your pocket.

What does this do for crime victims? What does this do for potential crime
victims? I'm searching but I can't find those answers..

What does this do for Democrats in NY? I don't know, but it looks like they
think that the majority of our voters are just as scumbaggy as they are. We're
not! All the crazy new laws in this state are going to be reversed with the
push of a button as soon as we get a Republican governor.

BTW: If you ever thought this state might be a fun place to visit, that will
depend on your definition of "fun!"
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