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From: Ruth Haffly (1:396/45.28)
To: All
Date: Mon, 24.12.18 10:36
wall was: casino
Hi Nancy,

NB> NB>> Richard has a wide range of systems going.... from dinosaur to
NB> NB>> fairly up-to-date.... he uses them for different things.... Smile

RH> We've gotten rid of our oldest stuff--had to make weight allowances
RH> for several moves so passed on the "not latest and greatest but still
RH> useable" stuff.

NB> Understandable... one does need to have a place to put them... and
NB> when one has to make a weight allowance, probably something has to be
NB> left
NB> behind.... ;)

But when we stay in place for a time, things tend to build up again.
We've been in WF for 9 1/2 years and have added a lot of books (mostly
text books), computers (and parts), fabric................ Did start
sorting my cook books the other day and will pass on some I'd picked up
as freebies a while ago. Not sure where they will go, but for out of my

NB> RH>> have started the route early; Steve said the paper was somewhat
NB> RH>> buried in the snow (it's always bagged or double bagged).
NB> NB>> A dedicated carrier... Smile

RH> Quite, and it came in on the days we had been warned of possible black
RH> ice overnight (saw a number of wrecks on tv news to prove it); very
RH> careful driver as well.

NB> That's a good thing... Smile

Yes; there were quite a few accidents (heard about on the news) the
first few days after the snow so we appreciated that the carrier got
thru, apparantly unscathed.

NB> RH>>> We usually don't have the radio on in the house.
NB> NB>>> And I do... as I said, different strokes... ;)
NB> RH>> Yes, we used to, years ago but stopped when Steve went into
NB> RH>> the Army and we couldn't find a station we liked where we
NB> RH>> were living.
NB> NB>> And your tastes in music are different from mine... Smile

RH> Yours being mostly classical?

NB> Yes... although I'm ok with a wide range on a limited basis... and
NB> don't like the talk shows generally....

They help keep Steve awake while driving. Listened to talk radio first
day of the trip, then from what he had loaded onto the phone (wide
variety) second day.

NB> RH>> for a while. Once we got them stomped out, we had little
NB> RH>> problems with them tho--if we were diligent to keep food where
NB> RH>> it belonged.
NB> NB>> Another very good reason for the rule.... Smile

RH> Yes, those things were not fun to deal with.

NB> Indeed.

NB> RH>> trying out various replacements. (G)
NB> NB>> We've had so many other choices we've not done much on that
NB> NB>> search... so far it's mostly keeping ears and eyes open... Smile

RH> The more casual place in town has been going since before we moved
RH> here. The other one took over a closed restaurant's space a few years
RH> after we moved here but had another, similar place in Mount Airy.
RH> They've both done quite well for themselves.

NB> Sounds like good food and good clientele... ;)

They are, maybe a place to consider for folks if we have the picnic in
WF next year.

NB> NB>> Gave you a little more time to be ready for the delivery... Smile
NB> NB>> Fortunately, you still have a working fridge... Smile When we've
NB> NB>> bought a new fridge (twice, now), it was because the old one
NB> NB>> had died...

RH> We had that happen several times in military housing, once when we
RH> were out of town. Just the freezer part went then, but still, not fun
RH> to deal with. That one was a side by side, never did like it so not
RH> sorry to see it go. (G)

NB> Not good to have things die on you when you are away.... ;) Since you
NB> didn't like it, though... that was a very good aspect of getting a new
NB> one... ;)

Helped, when we shopped for the new one--ruled them out right away. Then
ruled out the dual door, freezer on top models so just had to decide
among the various french door/freezer on the bottom fridges.

Catch you later,
rchaffly{at}earthlink{dot}net FIDO 1:396/45.28

... Back up my hard drive? Is this a stick shift?

--- PPoint 3.01
* Origin: Sew! That's My Point (1:396/45.28)


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