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From: Ruth Haffly (1:396/45.28)
To: All
Date: Sat, 22.12.18 15:14
698 travel was crusty etc
Hi Michael,

ML> > ML> my mindset, but I have plenty of friends
ML> > ML> who espouse it.
ML> > Some people thing that if there's money in the pocket (or bank),
ML> it's > there to spend. I'm not one of those people.

ML> You have heirs and a mortgage.

And a spouse who's opinion counts on financal matters.

ML> > ML> > ML> Still a ton of question marks; I'd given a partial
ML> > ML> > ML> explanation earlier. It might be a little complication
ML> > ML> > ML> that the standard spelling is "larb" - perhaps the
ML> > ML> > ML> person doing the earliest transliteration was a Brit.
ML> > ML> > OK, that clarifies things.
ML> > ML> In north Thailand, the home of the dish, the
ML> > ML> pronunciation is more like lahp.
ML> > I see, thank you.

ML> We always have to remember that our idea of
ML> the sounds that correspond to letters of the
ML> alphabet is not universally held. The problem
ML> is compounded when you deal with other
ML> alphabets, or, worse, in the case of Chinese,
ML> for example, no alphabet at all.

That really throws a monkey wrench into the soup pot. (G)

ML> > ML> > True. Don't know if she gives any (no pun intended) feed back
ML> to > ML> Publix > on the demos, our opinions, etc.
ML> > ML> Depends on how enlightened management is. If
ML> > ML> they know what's good for the company, they
ML> > ML> will welcome any marketing data they can get.
ML> > Probably got to where they are today by listening to customer feed
ML> back.

ML> A lesson that could well be learned by other
ML> companies.

True, but I'm glad we have the chance to add our input to the company.

ML> > ML> You guys have more moisture in the air. If it
ML> > ML> gets a little cold, all the more chance for
ML> > ML> a little havoc to be wreaked.
ML> > We've warmed up quite a bit, most of the snow is gone. January and
ML> > February are when we usually see more of it here but for now we're
ML> > enjoying temps in the 50s.

ML> A few days ago we got those 50s in
ML> Massachusetts. Sadly, it's back in the
ML> normal 30s now. Luckily, I'm not there.
ML> Plus it's supposed to be 61 on Friday
ML> there - 7 degrees warmer than New Orleans.

We're further south for a few days, but had some bad weather on the way
down. The place where we're at had some EF0 tornadoes come thru earlier
this week--in law's place is OK but 7 places (out of 70) are
uninhabitable, others have damage that is considered fixable.

ML> > ML> Improvement is ardently to be hoped for.
ML> > Improved enough that I was able to sing in the Christmas choir at
ML> church > today without problem.

ML> Good job.

Thanks, I had to sit (because of the knee) but glad I was able to sing.

ML> > ML> It turns out that the old bromide about
ML> > ML> your using only (insert whatever small
ML> > ML> percentage here) of your brainpower just
ML> +
ML> > ML> isn't true.
ML> > Selective retention can be good or bad, depending on what's selected
ML> to > keep or forget.

ML> There are pluses and minuses.

To be expected.

ML> > ML> Thai Tofu with Mint Leaves Salad
ML> > ML> 2 Tb chopped cilantro leaves
ML> > This has the dreaded cilantro in it; can I sub a bit of regular
ML> parsley?

ML> No, not, never. Omit if you can't stand just
ML> a little of the stuff.

OK, I'll save money and not buy the stuff.

Catch you later,
rchaffly{at}earthlink{dot}net FIDO 1:396/45.28

... If you're trying to drive me crazy, you're too late.

--- PPoint 3.01
* Origin: Sew! That's My Point (1:396/45.28)


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