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From: Ruth Haffly (1:396/45.28)
To: All
Date: Sat, 22.12.18 14:56
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Hi Michael,

ML> > ML> > ML> wonder whether she kept the fridge or not (the
ML> > ML> > ML> preexisting one is 20 years old, round about).
ML> > ML> > Going to let us know, and if she kept 20 year old stuff in
ML> it? > ML> It's a new fridge, which I don't like much. Some
ML> > Why don't you like it?

ML> The thermostat isn't trustworthy. Luckily, in

That's a good reason to replace it. It's also a good candidate for a
thermometer in both sections. We used to do that as a matter of course,
after having some flaky ones in military housing.

ML> most places it cools colder than it says. The
ML> humidity is too high, which means that the
ML> drawers get wetter than they ought to, plus
ML> the ice maker, which is down at foot level,
ML> makes cubes that are stuck together.

So, other than the fact that it's paid for, why does she keep it?

ML> > ML> of the old stuff got transferred over, but her
ML> > ML> sister-in-law came over and tossed a bunch of
ML> > ML> stuff, so the oldest thing I found expired in
ML> > Steve transferred just about everything "as is", tossed a few things
ML> > out. Some of it was veggies past their prime, some was stuff I'd
ML> been > saving for veggie stock (and got freezer burnt)--all went into
ML> the
ML> > compost bucket. I've still got to sort/organise the freezer section.

ML> I'd feel better about the wastage if there were
ML> a compost bucket.

We started keeping one when we moved into this house. Didn't need one in
the rental house in WF but the soil here was poor for grass growing.
We've got 3 compost bins going--their output has really helped the yard.

ML> > ML> 2012 but was not nearly so obnoxious as the milk
ML> > ML> whose due date was a week from now but had
ML> > ML> managed to go sour within a few days of opening.
ML> > Now that's bad!

ML> Tell me about it. I was all set to make my quiche
ML> with it, as Rosemary had said it should be fine. O
ML> ended up sending her to the market to get half-and-
ML> half, which is better anyway (full cream is better
ML> yet, but it makes an expensive and indigestible dish).

Sounds good the way it was. I don't have the lactose issues but I think
that the full cream version would have been a bit too much for me.

ML> > ML> The kitchen as a whole I'm not so enthusiastic about.
ML> > Our kitchen looks quite different now with the new flooring and
ML> fridge. > I like the new look.

ML> Rosemary likes the new look. I don't appreciate the
ML> poor working layout, and even she admits that there
ML> is no more counter space than before (plus before
ML> there was the butcher block island that provided
ML> 6 to 8 more square feet of workspace, helpful when
ML> rolling out pastry or pasta or butchering a 50-lb
ML> halibut, all of which I'd done in the old kitchen
ML> but could not do now.

Not good. We just changed out the fridge and put in new flooring.

ML> > ML> > ML> That's what computers are for - to do the
ML> > ML> > ML> dirty work.
ML> > ML> > Not a task I'd put my computer to, or Alexa.
ML> > ML> Pretty easy for those who would be so inclined.
ML> > Probably so, and some people might want to do such things. I'm not
ML> of > that persuasion tho.

ML> To be honest, I just ask someone else to do it,
ML> but when it needs to be done in a hurry, I can.

If I can do something, I usually will. Steve handles a lot that I can't.
Anything else, we hire out, if needs be or fall back and punt.

ML> > ML> might actually want to accentuate tones that
ML> > ML> you or I might not.
ML> > Not really vain, just wanting to look good. Maybe it is a cultural
ML> > thing, I don't know. I don't deliberately make choices that would
ML> bring > out tones that look bad. Normally I don't wear black but today
ML> I'm

ML> That's my point. Unlike ethics, in aesthetics
ML> there is no unanimity about what's good or bad.
ML> Some of the people you see with black lipstick
ML> actually think they look better that way. In
ML> various cultures, whiteface, through powder or
ML> paint or staying indoors or whatever, is
ML> considered beautiful; I find it affected and vain.
ML> And matching colors to skin smacks of the same.

Not so much matching as finding what colors work well with them.

ML> > wearing black slacks with a (mostly) green sweater. The sweater has
ML> some > black in it, also red, gold and a bit of purple. Since it's
ML> mostly a
ML> > green that I can wear, the black (and purple) of the sweater are
ML> > incidental; the red and gold are also in my colors. The black
ML> slacks, > since the black is not up against my face, works in this
ML> instance but > I'd more often choose dark brown or navy.

ML> For me, anything but yellow. Even orange and
ML> green are sometimes okay.

Depending on the hues (shades), they will work. But, you have seen what
doesn't work for you--a bit more experimenting, with someone who knows,
will help you figure out what your color season is. That'll help you
co-ordinate clothes so you don't end up with orphans (shirt or slacks,
ties, whatever) that don't look good on you and don't go with anything
else in your wardrobe. Makes packing easier--this trip I packed in my
blue and brown families.

ML> > ML> > ML> So in a couple weeks I get to go to a number
ML> > ML> > ML> of dinners that require suits or jacket and tie.
ML> > ML> > ML> Not my usual milieu, but whatever - anything to
ML> > ML> > ML> prevent the waiters from spilling stuff on me.
ML> > ML> > That's more than we do; most of our dining out is casual
ML> dress type > ML> > places.
ML> > ML> As we've noted before, I run the gamut.
ML> > It sounds like quite a wide range of occaisions.

ML> I have to pack for many occasions in limited
ML> space. More than 50 years of experience helps.

I did, while Steve was in the Army. Now, most of the time we pack the
camper instead of suitcases. (G)

ML> Italian dressing
ML> categories: salad, alternative
ML> yield: 1 batch

ML> 2 Tb minced red onion
ML> cold water
ML> 1/2 garlic clove
ML> 2 Tb fresh parsley
ML> 1 ts dried oregano
ML> 1/2 ts salt
ML> 2 Tb red wine vinegar
ML> 1/2 c hemp seed oil

Basically, I use Italian herbs/spices, olive oid and vinegar of choice
(cider, red wine, balsamic, etc.

Catch you later,
rchaffly{at}earthlink{dot}net FIDO 1:396/45.28

... A truly wise person knows that he knows not.

--- PPoint 3.01
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