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From: Ruth Haffly (1:396/45.28)
To: All
Date: Sat, 22.12.18 14:38
Hi Nancy,

NB> NB>>> them thru graduate school....
NB> RH>> Sounds like Fu has a longer time to keep the restaurant going.
NB> RH>> His youngest looked to be about maybe 8 or so, IIRC.
NB> NB>> If he is planning to use the restaurant to put them thru
NB> NB>> college... ;)

RH> He might be, have to ask him.

NB> Sometime when things are fairly quiet... We went Monday evening, and
NB> the place was hopping shortly after we arrived...

Nobody wants to cook this time of year?

NB> RH>> It's one place we wouldn't mind going to whenever we're in the
NB> RH>> area. (G)
NB> NB>> Quite the understatement.... (G)

RH> If Steve, the one who wasn't keen on sushi before his visit there but
RH> now likes it, you know it's a winner.

NB> Absolutely... Smile

Too bad we can't get an overnight delivery package but it would be
horrendously expensive.

NB> NB>>> some are better than others, so we are more likely to go
NB> NB>>> there... The others are more likely that we'd go there because
NB> NB>>> someone else is choosing to eat there, and we'll not argue...
NB> RH>> We've encountered a lot of the "B" list type while travelling.
NB> RH>> Sometimes when we need to stop for a meal and don't want to do
NB> RH>> burger type fast food, we'll find an Asian buffet. Some have
NB> RH>> been good, others, not as memorable.
NB> NB>> Never know what you'll find on the road... Smile

RH> Very true--come across some gems and others that have been less than
RH> stellar. Sometimes we'll go with a fast food place, only because we
RH> know their standard--but have come across some places in that grouping
RH> that have a big "needs improvement" check mark across them.

NB> Pretty much always a gamble unless you've been in that area enough
NB> times to have found some good places... Smile

True. Saw a sign we'd not seen before along I-95 in SC on Thursday for a
bbq place at the next exit. Decided to try it, found out it was a buffet
place, featuring ribs on Thursday night. It's another place we'll go
back to, if we can. Found out about something new--Perlow rice.
Basically rice cooked in meat juices (depends on the meat, in this case,
pork bbq), as the base for a meat gravy. It was good--I'm going to do a
bit more research on it, on the internet. The rest of the meal was good
too. (G)

NB> RH>>> here for a few years" (tho sometimes that's ended up being
NB> RH>>> longer than originally planned) so we range wider in our
NB> RH>>> choices of where to eat.
NB> NB>>> Dunno... I suspect we range fairly widely... just not when it
NB> NB>>> comes to Japanese... ;)
NB> RH>> Yes, you found that German deli/restaurant. That is another
NB> RH>> place we would enjoy going back to.
NB> NB>> Yup... As I said, we have a wide range of cuisines on our A
NB> NB>> list... ;)

RH> As do most all of us on this echo.

NB> Yup. Smile

And some of us even try to cook what we've read about on the echo. (G)

Catch you later,
rchaffly{at}earthlink{dot}net FIDO 1:396/45.28

... *Everyone is weird. Some of us are proud of it*

--- PPoint 3.01
* Origin: Sew! That's My Point (1:396/45.28)


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