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From: Ruth Haffly (1:396/45.28)
To: All
Date: Sat, 22.12.18 14:24
test: health was bee
Hi Nancy,

NB> RH>> One of these days, when we're up in that area, we will have to
NB> RH>> check out Lori's. Sounds like a place we would do a good bit of
NB> RH>> shopping at, if it were local.
NB> NB>> I'm sure that you'd find good stuff there... Smile

RH> Undoubtedly. (G)

NB> It's a regular stop for us.... Smile

I'm not surprised.

NB> RH>> I usually got my pasta from GNC as our co-op didn't carry it.
NB> RH>> At times, I tried making my own but it was a lot of work for
NB> RH>> the result, given what I was working with.
NB> NB>> Never tried making my own... Now it's common enough item even
NB> NB>> in some grocery stores... Smile

RH> It was a lot of work, but I didn't have a computer at the time. (G)

NB> So you had more time on your hands..... ;)

In theory--remember I had 2 little ones, was baking our own bread,
making our own butter, canning a lot, sewing even more......... More
time, not hardly.

RH> Overall, it wasn't worth the time and effort it took to make
RH> it....except for the one time I made lasagne from scratch, even the
RH> noodles. Impresed my MIL then. (G)

NB> A worthy result.... ;)

We thought so.

NB> RH>> We'll look into it when the time gets closer. Do know of one
NB> RH>> resort type place but it's quite expensive. We don't want a
NB> RH>> resort either.
NB> NB>> No, not really your type of place... ;)

RH> We're not in it for the resort-y type stuff. In this case, we'd be out
RH> visiting friends in the area, wandering around checking out changes,
RH> and so forth. Don't need 3 mini golf courses, a huge pool with separate
RH> wave pool, tennis courts, etc, etc, etc.

NB> Nope, not at all.... All you need is a home base for your
NB> explorations... Smile

We have a mobile motel and restaurant. (G)

NB> NB>>> I saw in the meat case was just a baby goat leg... maybe they'd
NB> NB>>> sell a smaller amount, didn't ask, since not really ready to
NB> NB>>> purchase anything yet... Linda, OTOH, did buy quite a bit
NB> there, NB>>> odds and ends, and some fresh just out of the oven flat
NB> bread... RH>> Another place we might want to check out.
NB> NB>> I think you might enjoy it... Smile Not all that big a store, but
NB> NB>> lots packed in there... Smile

RH> Those places usually do manage to pack a lot into a little space.

NB> Yup. Smile

And a lot of interesting stuff.

NB> NB>>> Good.... Smile I hope you enjoyed it... Smile
NB> RH>> It was fun, sat with a couple we hadn't known before but had a
NB> good RH>> time/talk with them. Food was ok, but not great.
NB> NB>> Pretty much what you'd expect, though.... Smile

RH> We'd been to that place quite a bit so were actually surprised that
RH> the food wasn't up to their usual standards. Maybe we noticed it
RH> because it was a smaller amount prepared (It's a southern home cooking
RH> cafeteria place.Wink than they usually do, or maybe they had an off night
RH> but it just wasn't as good as it usually is.

NB> I hadn't realized it was at a restaurant rather than at the VFW...

The December meeting always it, instead of a regular meeting they have a
Christmas party.

NB> NB>> Might depend on what sort of success they have in finding
NB> someone NB>> willing to try to fill your shoes there... Smile

RH> Talked to the pastor heading up the trip next summer--he said that we
RH> could "jump in" if we decide we want/can go later in the process. We
RH> might (but probably wouldn't) be able to join them in VT but more
RH> likely would make a decision some time before then.

NB> Time, and healing process, will let you know how feasible it ends up
NB> being... Smile

Yes, and I think he wants us to make broccoli salad again. (G)

NB> NB>>> Have you done the chili for the VBS group, too....?
NB> RH>> No, we do more things like sloppy joe, deconstructed lasagne,
NB> RH>> taco salad, poppy seed chicken............chili is more of a
NB> RH>> cold weather meal, IMO.
NB> NB>> No more than sloppy joes or lasagne, in my book anyway... Smile

RH> Too much tomato/acid?

NB> No, just that all three are essentially warm, filling meals... Smile

The chili is usually reserved for the cook off time frame since I
usually do 2 different types for that. Wouldn't have the time (and
probably not the ingredients) to do the (better) one in VT.

NB> NB>>> Only reasonable and courteous... ;) Giving credit where due...
NB> RH>> IF I can find her address...................
NB> NB>> And she's not moved away in the meantime... Smile

RH> Probably not, but don't know for sure. Anyway, it's another thing to
RH> put on "hold that thought" for a while.

NB> True. Smile

Seems that's the game plan for quite a while.

Catch you later,
rchaffly{at}earthlink{dot}net FIDO 1:396/45.28

... Everyone has a photographic memory. Some don't have film.

--- PPoint 3.01
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