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From: Ruth Haffly (1:396/45.28)
To: All
Date: Sat, 22.12.18 11:25
755 Picnic
Hi Nancy,

RH> Sister is very much a "stick in the mud", not inclined to do
RH> anything/change whatever routine/cooking/eating she's used to. I think
RH> her SO is the same way.

NB> Probably so... but there's a possibility, always a possibility, no
NB> matter how slim.... (G)

Maybe a hair thin possiblity.

NB> RH>>> Yes, a long standing tradition.
NB> NB>>> Seems to be common just about everywhere... Smile
NB> RH>> Tho we've been in churches where it's been otherwise.
NB> NB>> There's a bit of it at our church, but no fuss made if someone
NB> NB>> sits in someone else's "accustomed" seat, generally.... ;)

RH> No "reserved" sign on it (G) so it's free for whoever wants.

NB> Pretty much... and it's an incentive to be on time/early so that one
NB> can have the accustomed spot... ;)

We have a Sunday School class meeting in the sanctuary so they have to
finish before we can get in. By the time we get out of our class and
freshen up, some seats have been taken. We usually find one in the same
basic area but don't haveto have the same seat every week. (G) Third
Sunday of the month, Steve is in the sound booth anyway--except for this
past Sunday. We had out Christmas choir/special music during service so
someone else filled in for him.

NB> RH>> being twisted just slightly wrong enough to have a problem.
NB> NB>> Or at least not putting the leg up... maybe propping it up
NB> NB>> between cuttings....? ;)

RH> Depends on what I'm cutting but usually I'll just move from one
RH> cutting project to another. I like to have all the prep work done
RH> ahead, and if there's a lot of cutting, so much more so. Get everything
RH> cut up, then take some time to get off my feet before I have to stand
RH> for a while, cooking.

NB> You'll have to figure out something for after the surgery, though...

Some pre cutting up can be done in advance, as long as I watch the time
on my feet.

NB> RH>> Roller coaster weather!
NB> NB>> So far not as bad as last winter, though.... ;)

RH> We've had more winter than pre winter since the beginning of November.

NB> And I think you may have had more total snow this season than we
NB> have... I'm sure we'll catch up as the season progresses... Smile

Most likely. (G)

NB> RH>> As long as they're here legally, it shouldn't be a problem.
NB> RH>> Might they could teach some cooking classes also? That would be
NB> RH>> interesting.
NB> NB>> That would indeed be interesting... Smile

RH> You can ask--maybe your church would be interested in doing it as a
RH> group project,

NB> That might be too much of an undertaking... there might be something
NB> like that already in place, I'd think, with all of the various groups
NB> locally that do work with placing refugees, etc...

The prospect is there, something to think about. You might want to see
if several people might want to get together in a home setting to do
cooking classes.

NB> RH>> Mom and Dad would have had to have someone else do the hanging,
NB> RH>> prep, etc; they had no idea on what/how to handle it. My dad was
NB> RH>> never into hunting or fishing, even when he was growing up.
NB> NB>> Lydia and her kids did have a clue as to what to do, so I don't
NB> NB>> think they called in any outside help... Smile

RH> Some people know, others know other areas.

NB> Yup.

Catch you later,
rchaffly{at}earthlink{dot}net FIDO 1:396/45.28

... My mind is like a steel, uh... thingy

--- PPoint 3.01
* Origin: Sew! That's My Point (1:396/45.28)


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