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From: Ruth Haffly (1:396/45.28)
To: All
Date: Sat, 22.12.18 10:56
493 was was overflow
Hi Nancy,

RH> Possibly so, Drum was a NG training installation for a long time. Took
RH> a while for me to make the mental transition when I learned it was a
RH> fort as I'd heard Camp Drum for so many years.

NB> Likewise.... Our path to the Pond has gone by the Drum ever since I
NB> married into the family and we spent our honeymoon up there in the
NB> trailer, so I just naturally have thought of it as Camp Drum... when
NB> it became a Fort, it was indeed a mental adjustment... Of course,

I remember watching NY Mets games on tv and during the summer, one or
another player who was in the NG being out for the annual training at
Camp Drum. One time the broadcaster accidentally said "Camp Drunk";
another one picked up on it and said that off duty times, drunk might be
more appropriate.

NB> were some physical differences as we drove through the area... once we
NB> could cross the facility almost anywhere without restrictions, now it
NB> is much more fortified.... Of course, like many locals, we tend to

Security issues. We've seen a number of posts go from totally open to
closed up tight to semi open......................After 9/11 most went
to totally secure but then eased up over the years. Usually now, showing
an ID card will suffice for military/family but a few more hoops to jump
thru yet for others.

NB> refer to it just as The Drum so as not to use the wrong name... ;)

Easy way to solve it. We tend to use Fort Drum, as that's what it was
the whole time Steve was active duty. It was one place (for several
reasons) we didn't want to get stationed at.

NB> RH>> The Mexicans that spent some time in the area left some good
NB> RH>> eating tho.
NB> NB>> I imagine they did... Smile

RH> Chili, fajitas, tortillas....................

NB> Etc... ;)

It's the etc that makes it distinctively Mexican.

NB> right NB>>> away, but didn't find out about the tear until the MRI
NB> more
NB> NB>>> recently...
NB> RH>> I can't really pinpoint a time like that but it's good to know
NB> RH>> the full extent of the damage before the surgery starts, rather
NB> RH>> than waking up to "we had to do this and that" when I was only
NB> RH>> expecting to hear "we did this only".
NB> NB>> That's for sure.... Smile

RH> And, next week we should get all the details on when/where the surgery
RH> will be, date of pre-op, etc.

NB> Has that happened yet...?

Had the appointment, the lady that handles the scheduling, etc was in a
meeting. Was hoping she would call but haven't heard yet. Maybe next
week. Found out the surgery will not be done in Raleigh, doctor prefers
to use another hospital.

NB> RH>> That's the plan--also give me suggestions as to what to do to
NB> RH>> make healing easier.
NB> NB>> Also good... Smile

RH> Definately so. I know it'll take a while to get back into shape but I
RH> should be able to do some things (peel veggies, cut up meats for the
RH> sealer, etc) while sitting down. We have a dishwasher but Steve will
RH> have some hand wash stuff to do every day.

NB> Good thing he's willing and able... ;) And good that you'll have
NB> something to do as well, while sitting and not stressing the knee...
NB> Smile

I've got plenty to do otherwise but handling some of the prep work for
meals will be good for me.

NB> RH>> Working on it, hope to work on the quilt the next couple of
NB> RH>> weeks also.
NB> NB>> Sounds good.

RH> Not so likely now as we head south next week, after a couple of
RH> doctor's appointments. Got other stuff to work on, of higher priority.

NB> WIll you be able to either take it with you, or work on it when you
NB> get back...?

I left it home--got all the pieces cut before we left. They're big
pieces and it's a small-ish quilt so............hopefully I'll get it
done before the new baby comes. Due date is mid March.

NB> NB>> Did you make cookies... or was it obvious soon enough that the
NB> NB>> storm was going to shut everything down...? Smile

RH> We figured that the cookies could be made during the time between
RH> church and the meal so hadn't made them yet. That's one more thing that
RH> can hold until I'm back on my feet, most likely.

NB> Yup, I'd think so... and since you didn't make them yet, don't have to
NB> worry about what to do with them in the meantime... ;)

So many sweets this time of year that we figured they could wait.

Catch you later,
rchaffly{at}earthlink{dot}net FIDO 1:396/45.28

... Some are so educated they can bore you on almost any subject

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