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From: Ruth Haffly (1:396/45.28)
To: All
Date: Wed, 19.12.18 20:42
peaches was: graham c
Hi Nancy,

NB> NB>> Did you at least keep your power on...?

RH> Yes, we did--a few "blips" now and again but no outages. Other parts
RH> of the state did lose power; it was a heavy, wet snow, the type that
RH> brings down trees, power lines, etc. Now we're watching for black ice
RH> for a few more days as night temps are still below freezing.

NB> Not too bad, then... Smile

No, not really. Most of the snow is gone but I did see a small mound
(plow push up) today.

NB> RH>>> on Saturday. That's the day of the WF Christmas parade; Steve
NB> RH>>> will be towing/working the VFW Chuck Wagon for it.
NB> NB>>> Hopefully the snow will hold off for the Christmas Parade and
NB> NB>>> the festivities... Smile We're to be pretty consistently in the
NB> NB>>> 30s for highs and 20s for lows, right thru the weekend and into
NB> NB>>> next week, it seems...
NB> RH>> Snow, etc is now predicted to come in on Sunday, after the
NB> parade. NB>> Did that at least work as hoped for....?

RH> In spades! About 8-9" here, more in the western part of the state.

NB> Actually, I meant, did the snow hold off until after the parade, so
NB> that the parade went as scheduled....?

Yes, it was a gray-ish day but the parade went off and all stayed dry,
tho chilled. Chuck wagon did a brisk business once their location was
made known to the crowd; they sold out of most of what they were

NB> RH>> We're supposed to cook for LG, and have everything we need, but
NB> if RH>> church is canceled, we'll be putting turkey soup into the
NB> freezer. NB>> Guess you'll have plenty of turkey soup to dose your
NB> bronchitis
NB> NB>> with...

RH> Yes, we've had 2 meals from it so far (I made a reduced, heavy on the
RH> meat batch when church was cancelled.Wink with another round tonight.
RH> That should use up most of it, may have enough for a small bowl each
RH> for lunch, with a sandwich.

NB> Sounds like none of it went into the freezer, then... Smile

No, none did; it was easier to have as an easy to do meal during the

NB> RH>> I don't have the information; the co-ordinator might be able
NB> RH>> to help with that tho.
NB> NB>> That's kinda what I was thinking might be the case... Smile

RH> Have to talk it over with her.

NB> And....? Smile

Will do that after we get back home.

NB> RH>> No, and couldn't because the kitchen was such a mess from the
NB> RH>> flooring job. Maybe next week but I bought a loaf of bread,
NB> RH>> just in case.
NB> NB>> Just as well... Smile

RH> Plus, we have the 2 loaves bought for the LG meal, now in the freezer,
RH> so I won't have to bake for a bit longer.

NB> As I said above, just as well... Smile


NB> NB>> So I did use the leftover beef stew yesterday, did add the can
NB> of NB>> diced tomatoes, and cut up 3 polpettes (large meatballs,
NB> Wegmans
NB> NB>> frozen) after nuking them, to augment the protein for the
NB> stew... NB>> Turned out rather nicely, and it all was eaten this
NB> time... Smile

RH> Recycle it enough times, slightly different each time and eventually
RH> all will be eaten. The fun part is coming up with the varients on the
RH> theme. (G)

NB> Been known to... but just as well that I didn't have to do any further
NB> recycling of this one... Smile

Tasted so good that it was all eaten up?

Catch you later,
rchaffly{at}earthlink{dot}net FIDO 1:396/45.28

... Our necessities are few but our wants are endless...

--- PPoint 3.01
* Origin: Sew! That's My Point (1:396/45.28)


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