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From: Ruth Haffly (1:396/45.28)
To: All
Date: Wed, 19.12.18 20:30
Putting up was:Tempe
Hi Nancy,

NB> RH>> Yes, and it was good. I'm glad she decided to put raisins in
NB> RH>> the rolls again; they add just that perfect touch.
NB> NB>> So she did decide to give that a try... Smile

RH> Yes, as an experiment, that became a regular addition.

NB> I remember our discussing the possibility, don't remember if you'd
NB> reported that she'd actually decided to try it.. or make it a regular
NB> offering...

Some months ago I suggested it and she thought about it, decided to give
it a try. The spelt ones are selling out faster than the white flour
ones now. She had discontinued the whole wheat for a bit, just going
with white, and then decided to give the spelt a try on a small batch
basis. I believe she bakes as many spelt as white rolls now.

NB> NB>> A 10-day or a 2-week run of the antibiotics...?

RH> I got a 10 day run; doctor said I could call back for the other 4 days
RH> if I thought I needed them. I've not, figured I'd try to see my
RH> regular doctor instead if I want them.

NB> Have you cleared it now....?

Pretty much so, an occaisional coughing spell but got thru the special
music on Sunday without much of a problem.

NB> NB>> I read where church was cancelled due to the storm you got...
NB> NB>> probably just as well for you to have stayed home, and not
NB> NB>> gone into the storm....

RH> We actually missed 2 weeks. First week was because of the bronchitis,
RH> second because the service was weather related cancelled.

NB> Right, I realized that.... Smile

RH> Snow is melting off now, and temps are going to be warm enough
RH> that there should be no danger of black ice. We should be able
RH> to have service--our Christmas music special.

NB> Good... Smile And did that go well...?

It went very well from the feed back I got and what the director said.
Again, a small choir, but a really good blend of voices.

NB> RH>> It was a help as he started doing a flooring project in the
NB> RH>> kitchen so proper cooking would have been hard anyway. The
NB> RH>> flooring is almost all in place; will put the kitchen back "to
NB> RH>> rights" and get the new fridge on Monday.
NB> NB>> Lots of good reasons for quick-and-easy meals for a while... Smile

RH> Very much so; the flooring project is basically done but the kitchen
RH> is still somewhat of a mess. Fridge is now coming in on Friday; we need
RH> a path cleared to where it will go so some things haven't been put back
RH> where they belong.

NB> Makes sense... Smile

So now things are closer to being back to normal, not quite there yet
but much better than they were. We can cook and have room to eat at the

NB> RH>> Yes, I put it there when we brought it home, only pulled out
NB> RH>> what we were going to use. The second half dozen will probably
NB> RH>> be eaten next week.
NB> NB>> Makes sense... Smile

RH> That, and a salad should make a rather filling supper.

NB> And have they been enjoyed by now....? Smile

Yes, we had them IIRC, on Saturday.

NB> RH>>> T'is the time of year. Our neighbors came over today to borrow
NB> RH>>> Steve's long ladder so they could put up gutters; when they
NB> RH>>> returned it, they also had some flowers and a Panettone
NB> (Italian RH>>> fruit cake) for us as a "thank you". We will share it
NB> with LG
NB> RH>>> next week.
NB> NB>>> That was a nice thank you... Smile I've seen those in Wegmans...
NB> NB>>> and sharing it with LG is a good idea... Smile
NB> RH>> That's what we thought. (G)
NB> NB>> Will it last till next month...? or will you bring it to share
NB> on NB>> someone else's week now....?

RH> We're going to bring it to FL istead of the pumpkin roll. Too many
RH> other things going on next week to make the roll.

NB> Ah... You can make the pumpkin roll another year... Smile

Yes, when the knee is better behaved. (G)

NB> RH>> The commissaries didn't carry everything we wanted--at the
NB> RH>> time we were already into whole grains and such like so we had
NB> RH>> to get them where we could. We weren't the typical "Wonder
NB> bread" RH>> family, even then.
NB> NB>> You'd been "corrupted" by La Leche League and the like
NB> already... Smile

RH> It actually started before we got into LLLI. (G) That just gave us a
RH> push further down the road.

NB> Same with us... Smile

Steve started a bit of it before we got married, added more, a bit at a
time after we were married. LLLI reinforced the concept and gave new
resources to use in further pursuing the thoughts.

NB> RH>> school, it was getting on the shabby side. It closed, and the
NB> RH>> store building is now a church/school.
NB> NB>> I think there were still A&P stores there when we lived in the
NB> NB>> Philly area but I didn't find any when my son was in college
NB> there...

RH> The last one in the Scranton district was the one in M'ville. It was
RH> bought out by Fresh Town about 10 years ago, after the store was
RH> flooded during a storm. People in the area think that Fresh Town's
RH> prices are a bit on the high side--we've shopped there and they seem
RH> comparable to what we pay locally.

NB> You're living in a place with a slightly higher cost-of-living,
NB> probably.... ;)

We don't think so--out of Raleigh proper, a lot of rural area around us.

Catch you later,
rchaffly{at}earthlink{dot}net FIDO 1:396/45.28

... If you think you are confused now, wait until I explain it!

--- PPoint 3.01
* Origin: Sew! That's My Point (1:396/45.28)


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