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From: Ruth Haffly (1:396/45.28)
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Date: Tue, 18.12.18 16:08
688 taking, taking a pass was [1]
Hi Michael,

ML> > ML> > ML> They never did trust him with being a real cop, so
ML> > ML> > Never knew what he might have done in some instances?
ML> > ML> In his case I suspect it would be doing too
ML> > ML> little rather than too much.
ML> > OK, you know the guy, I don't.

ML> As I said, he's kind of geeky and awkward, not
ML> outwardly exhibiting an overplus of hormonal
ML> imbalance; a couple decades of adulthood hasn't
ML> changed that much.

But obviously in a job he can/does do well.

ML> > ML> Agreed. Though the students might make fun
ML> > ML> of this gangly kid (now maybe close to 50
ML> > ML> years old, but still a kid to me) teaching
ML> > ML> them, they actually might learn something.
ML> > If they want to do well, they'd best learn something!

ML> I've not heard of any SWAT meltdowns in his
ML> police department.

That's always a good thing.

ML> > ML> > In a lot of ways, we would do well to emulate it. Trouble is,
ML> these > ML> > days, that a lot of parents haven't matured into the
ML> responsible > ML> adult > they need to be to handle such a task.
ML> > ML> The issue is is it the role of government
ML> > ML> to remedy those shortcomings. Also a
ML> > ML> question that threatens to flop over into
ML> > ML> forbidden territory.
ML> > Too many gray areas to discuss all the ins/outs of, without getting
ML> way > off echo topic.

ML> You needn't remind me, but in my view a certain
ML> skating on thin ice is perfectly okay. This does
ML> not mean chopping holes in same in the hopes that
ML> someone falls in.

I'll try to skate towards thicker ice.

ML> > ML> > ML> I heard of Mannheim Steamroller only when a
ML> > ML> - I've played bunches of charts of other bands,
ML> > ML> especially the Motown groups, that I ended up
ML> > ML> liking.
ML> > We were introduced to them by a friend in Germany when we were
ML> > discussing an Austrian carol. Found CDs in the PX and have bought
ML> more > over the years. Saw them in concert in Savannah.

ML> Did they have a full string section at
ML> the concert you attended?

TBH, I don't remember; it was almost 11 years ago and I'd just finished
an extended course of radiation. Not quite fried brain but..........

ML> > ML> > ML> > ML> Those don't fit into the manly profession part!
ML> > ML> > ML> > ML> Well, sausage, maybe.
ML> > ML> > ML> > It's grilling, isn't it? There was a restaurant
ML> (didn't last > ML> too > ML> long)
ML> > ML> > ML> Chicken doesn't count. Vegetables don't count.
ML> > ML> > They do in our house.
ML> > ML> Perhaps you don't have the proper manly mindset.
ML> > I should hope not!

ML> Heh. It's pleasing to be able to synthesize
ML> it when required, though. Stereotypes may
ML> come into play, but if a modicum of care is
ML> taken not to offend, that's probably okay too.

I try not to offend but also give/take some things with my tongue firmly
planted in my cheek.

ML> > ML> Also amusing are the grill-your-own places, where
ML> > ML> you have the honor and opportunity of paying two
ML> > ML> bucks an ounce for meat that costs 50c an ounce
ML> > ML> at the store, then fixing it yourself. Plus, if
ML> > ML> the cook is incompetent, you can't very well send
ML> > ML> your meal back. A win-win for the restaurant.
ML> > I've never tried one of them. The Korean place we like has a few of
ML> > those tables but we usually just order off the menu. We like going
ML> for > lunch and getting one of their "bento boxes".

ML> I was shocked to see that bento boxes are
ML> becoming common in Chinese restaurants, too,
ML> especially in Singapore, but it makes sense
ML> - people get a bunch of tastes and fill up
ML> well on possibly less food overall.

Good way for a restaurant to use up odds and ends of stuff too--"we made
too many sushi, fried sweet potato, tempura'ed veggies, etc so will toss
them into a fancy divided container and call it a bento box". (G) The
ones we get usually have similar to the above plus a scoop of rice and a
good serving of whatever meat you've ordered with it.

ML> > ML> > OTOH, we will, most likely, do it some time this winter.
ML> > ML> You could add vegetables to it and make
ML> > ML> it into cholent green.
ML> > I could, but would I?

ML> If you were cooking for a punsters' literary
ML> dinner, you might.

I very well could.

ML> > ML> For myself, seasonal cooking is secondary.
ML> > ML> Sure, I like to cook with stuff that is
ML> > ML> available at a particular time of year, but
ML> > ML> the cooking method, let's say that I prefer
ML> > ML> cold-weather cooking all year round.
ML> > I like to eat lighter when it's hot. I'd also rather use the oven
ML> for > cooking in the winter than in the summer. We heat with gas so
ML> our winter > electric bills (electric stove) are lower in winter than
ML> in the summer > when we're running the air conditioning.

ML> I like to eat lighter when I'm asleep. Just
ML> kidding, I never like to eat lighter.

I do, and will.

ML> +

ML> > I was somewhat disappointed in Old Faithful. The pictures I'd seen
ML> of it > when I was a kid, it looked more impressive. But, to a small
ML> child, it > does look large; that perspective does change as one
ML> grows. The small > amount of time we spent at Mount Rushmore we did
ML> get somewhat of an idea > of the massiveness of the heads, would need
ML> more time and a closer up > look to really get the "wow!" factor. Next
ML> trip!

ML> Old Faithful's behavior has substantially
ML> changed during our time on this planet.

Quite, thanks to earthquakes and suchlike in the region.

ML> > ML> The disadvantage of sugar alcohol is its
ML> > ML> laxativeness, but things made with it do


Catch you later,
rchaffly{at}earthlink{dot}net FIDO 1:396/45.28

... 90% of being smart is knowing what you're dumb at.

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