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From: Ruth Haffly (1:396/45.28)
To: All
Date: Tue, 18.12.18 15:55
687 taking, taking a pass was [1]
Hi Michael,

ML> > ML> > If you're determined enough to want to do it, there's usually
ML> a way > ML> to
ML> > ML> Assuming the knowhow and persistence that are
ML> > ML> necessary - many don't.
ML> > Some things do take persistence to be done well but the doing well
ML> is > reward for persistence. A slap dash job does not mean that the
ML> knowledge > is absent but rather, that the individual just doesn't
ML> care enough to do > it well.

ML> It's always a cost-benefit analysis, often
ML> done on the fly, often wrong.

Usually done wrong if done on the fly. Done best by deliberately, even
slowly if needs be, following each step in order.

ML> > ML> > hadn't changed in 6 months. After that meeting, he saw a
ML> recruiting > ML> > poster/started talking with the Army
ML> recruiter.............and we > ML> began > the process that allowed
ML> us to travel.
ML> > ML> Worked out well.
ML> > Quite so, never would have gotten to see/do as much as we have.
ML> > Originally he was going to do only 4 years but the lure of 3 years
ML> > (turned into almost 6) in Germany was hard to turn down.

ML> What was that song quote you use as a tagline,
ML> again?

Not sure which one but the next move (to Berlin) brought another
re-enlistment. Coming out of Berlin he had 9 years, figured to go to 20
at that point. The time needed for HI meant another re-up; promotion
made us decide to stay to 26 to give him 3 years at that rank (a bit
more in the retirement pay check by doing so). So, we got to try
anything from guacamole and calamari in CA to fajitas in TX to spaghetti
eis and doners in get the picture.

ML> > ML> > Depends on the person/the job they had in the military and
ML> other > ML> Yes. Well. As an example the tail gunner guy I
ML> > ML> knew wanted never to get on any kind of flying
ML> > ML> contraption ever again.
ML> > Tail gunner is not an easy job. Never done it but read about it
ML> enough > to know I'd never want to do it.

ML> The guy was obviously traumatized, and some
ML> of the things he did are explainable by the
ML> PTSD he suffered (we didn't know the details,
ML> about his service or about PTSD, back then).

I can see that, from what I've read about the time, aircraft, PTSD, etc.

ML> > ML> Yes, your fondness for Korean foods
ML> > ML> especially is well noted.
ML> > And German, Mexican, Hawaiian, .................... We'd tried some
ML> of > it before but living in various parts of the world let me try
ML> cooking > with local ingredients. Hard to find some of them in other
ML> locations but > we've managed to. If not, the internet now makes it
ML> easier. (G)

ML> How often do you need to shop for foodstuffs
ML> on the Internet? I seldom if ever do, but then
ML> my state of connectedness is below average.

Not that often but Steve just ordered some of my favorite tea (Good
Earth Original, Sweet and Spicy) the other day. It's very hit/miss
finding it in stores so this will keep me happy for a while. (G)

ML> > ML> > ML> conservatory). Though she's as lovely as ever,
ML> > ML> > ML> with that unlined face that comes of lack of
ML> > ML> > ML> care and guilt, apparently age is catching up
ML> > ML> > ML> in invisible ways.
ML> > ML> > Life has a way of doing that. (G)
ML> > ML> Sometimes it's heart-wrenching.
ML> > Quite so, but nothing can be done to stop the process.

ML> > ML> change in their routine.
ML> > Most likely not, and the trails aren't that wide so walking beside
ML> the > mule is impossible at points. Don't know if it would be better
ML> to walk > ahead or behind the animal. (G)

ML> Behind probably is better - discomfort before
ML> danger; but getting back to the original
ML> point, why go at all.

As a point of discussion only. (G)

ML> > ML> > ML> For in-person gifts of course I do either Rocas
ML> > ML> > ML> or Sweet Sloops, having had connections with both
ML> > ML> > Sounds good; IIRC, you brought some of the latter to HI.
ML> > ML> Yeah, a source of local civic pride almost
ML> > ML> enough to cancel the witch trials that took
ML> > ML> place in the same town.
ML> > That are, to this day, well remembered.
ML> > ML> > ML> And carrot tops taste like parsley anyway, only
ML> > ML> > ML> bitter and unpleasant.
ML> > ML> > Not a workable sub, IMO.
ML> > ML> I fugered not as well. But the guy's schtick
ML> > ML> is not wasting resources. To me it would
ML> > ML> make more sense to stick the carrot tops in
ML> > ML> the ground and grow new carrots; and if
ML> > ML> they were rattier than that, dump them in
ML> > ML> the stockpot, where their bitterness would
ML> > ML> be counteracted or diluted by something
ML> > ML> else, such as onions.
ML> > Sounds like a good idea to me. (G)

ML> fugered, eh. Figured.

Sorry, fingers didn't listen to brain again.

ML> > ML> I'm not a movie aficionado, as you know, but I
ML> > ML> can't recall encountering a movie adaptation
ML> > ML> that does justice to a text.
ML> > A lot of the movies we've seen have no book to them--easy to enjoy
ML> that > way. (G)

ML> Much easier, but Bonnie's school buddy Dick
ML> Robbins worked with Ruth Prawer Jhabvala,
ML> who did original screenplays and adaptations
ML> with equal success, her most awarded work
ML> being the latter.

What movies? Last one we saw in the theater, IIRC, was "Voyage of the
Dawn Treader". Steve did see a Star Wars one also but I took a pass, not
interested in them.

Catch you later,
rchaffly{at}earthlink{dot}net FIDO 1:396/45.28

... Mind... Mind... Let's see, I had one of those around here someplace.

--- PPoint 3.01
* Origin: Sew! That's My Point (1:396/45.28)


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