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From: Alan Ianson (1:153/757)
To: All
Date: Tue, 24.12.19 01:52
Hello Ray,

RS> I haven't played Doom in forever. I need to take a look at it again,
RS> but the "To Be Played" list keeps growing and the "Have to Earn a
RS> Living" list doesn't seem to shrink much. ;)

I'm off work on medical leave for a short time, so I've been catching up. Smile

RS> I've been playing Rage, after picking it up cheap at a Steam sale.
RS> I've been disappointed in it. Between Bethesda and ID I expected
RS> something a bit more but I haven't found the story line interesting
RS> and the gameplay is boring.

id isn't the same anymore. I can play all the id games on linux except the
latest and probably upcoming doom and quake champions since Bethesda took over.
id didn't always release linux binaries for their games but they released the
source so they could run natively on linux.

RS> I'll probably end up finishing it because once I buy and start a game
RS> I try to finish it, even if I don't enjoy it. Is anyone else like
RS> that?

I've never tried that one. Life was busy with "stuff" around the release of
rage but maybe I'll get to it.

id sure have made their mark on the gaming world, and their work still shines

Ttyl Smile,

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