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From: Tim Schattkowsky (2:240/1120.29)
To: All
Date: Mon, 06.12.21 09:37
Re^2: Re^2: Valid conference names
//Hello Ward,//

on *05.12.21* at *23:33:35* You wrote in rea *FTSC_PUBLIC*
to *Tim Schattkowsky* about *"Re: Re^2: Valid conference names"*.

TS>> Since this not really existis in the wild, I should fix it ... but its
TS>> non-triavial as i REALLY needed those 8 bytes ... Damn!
WD> I kinda like Rob Swindel's remark ... but I'm not an FTSC-member ...

I am a big fan of that, but it kinda feels wrong to lower the number in the
standard. What I particularly think of is access to newsgroups that continue to
exist and have long names. For Fido itself, 50 would probably do.

WD> Other than that ... Why 'Winpoint' ?

Because its a complete Point package for Windows Smile Back in the days the
platform was the distinguishing feature compared to something like crosspoint.

WD> I think I can run a point with most any mailer-software ... what makes WP
WD> unique?

The basic idea was always to make a complete package thats simple and
convenient for "normal" users, who are happy just to enter minimum
configuration information (node numbers and passwords) at setup and be
essentially ready to go without complex configuration. WP95 already included
everything that one normally needed as a point:
- Mailer
- Tosser
- Editor
- Nodelist processor
- File request editor
- Area Manager

THe original WP95 was quite popular with less technical users that preferred to
have a GUI. For example, AFAIR all of BeeNet was using WP because those people
cared mostly about honey.

However, the current version is halfway stuck on the way from the Original
WinPoint 95 to something else. There have been many changes, and most notable a
change in the localization system that didnt make it to every part of the
software resulting in a product that can (today) only be partially localized.
The rest remains german. I am working on that.

Still it seems, that some small part of the functionality is (for reasons I
forgot) no longer working. In particular, WP95 included fully automatic
node-/pointlist processing. Today, the step where incoming diffs are
decompressed into the correct folders is not happing for reasons I still have
to find (lack of time). Looking into that as well.

Overall, the current version of WP is IMHO perfectly usable, particularly if
you dont mind that some of the less important modules (e.g., area manager, file
request editor) are still not localized.

--- WinPoint 380.2
* Origin: Original WinPoint Origin! (2:240/1120.29)

From: Ward Dossche (2:292/854)
To: All
Date: Mon, 06.12.21 09:57
Re: Re^2: Re^2: Valid conference names

TS> Overall, the current version of WP is IMHO perfectly usable, particularly
TS> if you dont mind that some of the less important modules (e.g., area
TS> manager, file request editor) are still not localized.

Enjoy the hobby and keep having fun with this ... I'm not ready to move away
from my current set-up but I like it when others like yourself, Nick Andre, Rob
Swindel, James Coyle and half of the Russian/Ukrainian part of the nodelist are
enamored enough by Fidonet to sustain development of software...


--- DB4 - Dec 2 2021
* Origin: Hou het veilig, hou vol. Het komt allemaal weer goed (2:292/854)


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