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From: Gerrit Kuehn (2:240/12)
To: All
Date: Thu, 06.01.22 20:44
building on FreeBSD 13
Hello Michael!

06 Jan 22 22:39, Michael Dukelsky wrote to Gerrit Kuehn:

GK>> Are Stas Degteff and Max Chernogor still around?

MD> Max Chernogor left Fidonet in 2012. Stas Degteff is still in the
MD> nodelist but he did not appear in any echo I read for a long time.

I remember both well from previous times (probably like 20 years ago ;-).
Just reviewed a few things on my old husky stuff on some machines and found
that I must have known (but completely forgotten ;-) about the move to github.
I even already committed to the github repo in 2018 or so, but I either renamed
or removed that account (at least I cannot find any login data for it right
now). Could you check if I am still on the team list (probably as

GK>> Do you happen to know who is behind

MD> Unfortunately not.

Maybe I'll simply file a bug report to trigger updates...


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