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From: Moderator (1:3634/12)
To: All
Date: Fri, 01.06.18 01:00
RA_32BIT Echo Rules
Conference rules for the RA_32BIT echo: rev. 29 May 14
Posting Frequency: 1st of the month.

NOTE: Until the development of RA/32 starts back up, this echo will
be used to discuss operating RA under 32bit operating systems.
I'm not going to go thru the rules one by one changing them.
So far the echo has been running fine and i see no reason to
ruin a good thing <smile> ... Please stay tuned...

1. This conference is available to any SYSOP who is genuinely
interested in using and discussing RemoteAccess/32 in all it's
possible flavors. Discussions may range from general overviews
to technical and programmer oriented details. There may be source
code posted but this is not a programming echo so we'll try to
keep anything like that to a minimum.

2. This conference may be gated to any other amateur mail networks,
provided that:

a) We are notified of the name of the network and gating system,

b) All messages posted here contain a valid origin line and
sufficient information to allow a reply via NetMail through
"normal" channels.

3. Any topic that relates RemoteAccess/32 may be discussed unless it
has been specifically declared "off topic" by us.

wars or anything that may lead to OS wars.

5. Third party developers are welcome to participate in discussions about
their utilities and their possible interfaces into RemoteAccess/32
provided that the utility specifically supports RemoteAccess, and its
interface to same. (The INTERFACE to RA is topical: the actual
configuring of the utility is not)

6. For all intents and purposes, the rules for technical content of
EchoMail as defined in BB_PROCD.A01 are adopted for use in this echo.
BB_PROCD.A01 defines a TEARLINE as not exceeding 35 characters
containing only "packer" OR editor program information, an ORIGINLINE
as not exceeding 79 characters including the required ending of a
proper network address, and prohibits the use of characters above
ASCII 127 and non-printable, low-order codes. (See BB_PROCD.A01, file
requestable at 1:170/400 for further details)

7. Multi-line signatures, multi-line "tag lines", and multiple origin
lines (other than those created by proper gating) are disallowed.
They tend to only increase the cost of moving this and other echos
around the world, and it is our view that they would be much more
appropriate in local echos.

8. We reserve the right to be steel-fisted bastards and deny specific
individuals posting access to this conference if the individual
repeatedly ignores requests to terminate a message thread or
continues to violate one or more of the echo rules.

9. Do as you would be done by, and don't take yourself too seriously.
Remember, we're doing this for FUN!

Mark Lewis, 1:3634/12

Conference Moderator

* Origin: (1:3634/12)
205 Goodbye


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