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From: Daniel Path (2:371/52)
To: All
Date: Tue, 04.01.22 14:25
Sending email to a fidonet (netmail) address?
Hello Ghil.

03 Jan 22 18:20, you wrote to me:

GZ> Hello, Daniel!

DP>>>> i've received yours, but not mine. first i've tried as
DP>>>> html, then i had the error message bouncing back. then
DP>>>> i've sent plain text. no error message received.

AA>>> My first try with gmail to myself failed too. Maybe there is a
AA>>> lag in the toggle to "Plain text" and I inadvertantly flipped
AA>>> it back to html? The gmail editor panel seems to remember the
AA>>> setting to "Plain text" the next time I log in to use mail now.

DP>> i've used my mac's built in Apple Mail and self-hosted email not
DP>> gmail Smile

GZ> "Choose Format > Make Plain Text (available only when the current
GZ> format is rich text). Plain text format doesnt include formatting
GZ> (such as bold or italic text) or items like tables and images, but is
GZ> readable for all recipients."

i did it like that. now i've sent a new test.


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